Civil 3D 2020.5.1 Update and AU 2020 Virtual

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Autodesk released the Autodesk Civil 3D 2020.5.1 Update yesterday. That was just in time for the first day of Autodesk University 2020. Whew. The latest Civil 3D 2020.5.1 updates all previous releases and Updates of Civil 3D 2020. That includes the previously released and then recalled Civil 3D 2020.5 Update released in late September.

Autodesk added a few more important fixes in the Autodesk Civil 3D 2020.5.1 Update.
You can visit our Autodesk Civil 3D 2020.5.1 Update News page to get all the Civil 3D 2020.5.1 Update skinny.

Our Framework for Civil product customers should see new 2020.5.1 builds of the Framework Jump Kit and Templates Only products available as soon as we test them in the public release.


SpaceX Launches Four Astronauts in Dragon to ISS

Looks like a busy week…

Autodesk University 2020 Begins Today

The totally virtual and totally free AU 2020 opens this morning. Totally Awesome, Dude.

To get access to session and public event streams you do need to register for AU 2020. Some ungodly number of AU session videos are already available for a huge number of Autodesk products and industry topics. Live session QA is available for registered and session signed up participants.

A search for AU 2020 session by Autodesk product name will overwhelm you with pre-Thanksgiving Autodesk session goodies to chew on. Thanks to all the presenters who did the time and produced the content.

What happens when you lockdown a bunch of technical software wonks?
They start babbling to the wall and then they begin to record themselves.

Before There Was AU

I’ve attended AU virtually more than once and AU live too many times to want to remember. Come on, Man.
Definitely I did my time as a booth presenter and as an AU Speaker.
I cannot seem to wear out those AU Speaker shirts.
I sometimes wonder about their historic value at a future mid-century Antique Roadshow. Eheh.

My favorite AU giveaway ever:
The infamous AutoCAD R14 It’s Only a Matter of Time t shirt.

Some of us in Autodesk Land have been around too long. We remember CAD Camps before there was an AU.

Have Gun Will Travel

I’m thinking…
Can you virtually hose down someone overly self-important with a Super Soaker squirt gun?
No matter what you may hear in the rumor mill, that CAD Camp craze was not my idea officially. The blame game and Autodesk myth.
Mind you, the squirt gun technique does work to shorten and liven up physical meetings.
We all know the boring meeting drill.

Here’s My Virtual AU 2020 Hints

These days I employ a second old, cruddy laptop to watch public event streams and selected important AU sessions while I pretend to get some actual Framework for Civil 3D development work done.
That never ends.
My wife laughs. She calls me Geek. I’m a multi-tasking maniac it appears.

AU on a cell phone probably isn’t as much fun, but that also works in a pinch. Been there. Done that.
We can cast or stream to that big or small screen TV without much of a hassle these days.

Ok. That is not quite as weird as doing a live Zoom tech phone training support call with surveyors literally out on the road rumbling between job sites. It happens.

Sadly, I hear the weather this week in Las Vegas, NV is going to super. Dang.
See you at AU 2020 Virtual.

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