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Autodesk has made it no secret that if you want to get and employ Project Explorer for Civil 3D a subscription to the AEC Collection is in your future. Whether or not that is fair to existing Autodesk Civil 3D stand-alone customers is a moot point from the Autodesk’s corporate perspective. Autodesk is obviously committed to adding and improving the AEC Collection value proposition and continues to strongly entice customers to upgrade there.

The AEC Collection Grows

In case you missed it - Autodesk recently announced other important additions and improvements to the current AEC Collection at the Virtual AU 2020.
See the recent The New in Civil 3D Land from AU 2020 post and attached detailed news item links in there.
The Autodesk Construction Cloud strategy that is now strongly coupled with Autodesk Collection adoption strategy.

This is business decision we all must consider on its merits and benefits.

Its probably a safe bet that Autodesk will sweeten the upgrade to the AEC Collection deal between now and late January. Best to pay attention. Just sayin’.

The Project Explorer for Civil 3D Primer

Project Explorer (PE) is a new and better production interface paradigm and report platform for many survey and design critical path tasks in Civil 3D.
The PE delivers focused feedback and usable content about project’s Civil 3D data behind in a new and easier to employ interface.

It is no secret at this point that I consider Project Explorer for Civil 3D (PE) the most significant production improvement made to Autodesk Civil 3D in more than a few releases.
I am not alone in that opinion.

See The Project Explorer for Civil 3D Primer post for the PE Hows and Whys in considerable detail. There are no videos in the post for important reasons that are also explained.

Here’s the recently updated Project Explorer playlist from the Autodesk Infrastructure Channel. You can play any of the many available videos inside the player.


The Autodesk Project Explorer Playlist

Russ Nicloy delivers for Autodesk two series of new multiple Learning Path video walkthroughs of Project Explorer for Civil 3D basics.

No single video, AU session recording, or even set of videos can do real justice for Project Explorer.
Once you use the PE for a bit, the old classic Civil 3D interface becomes much more painful.
The PE is Civil 3D user addictive in a good way.
That alone speaks volumes.

New Project Explorer videos are posted individually to our Project Explorer videos page.
There are interesting and different perspectives on the PE by many different expert folks in that video collection. I too keep learning new PE things all the time. That’s a shout out.

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Meanwhile back at the shack, I need to get back to work on some major new AddOn Style Collections for the Framework for Civil 3D.
Frankly, Project Explorer inspires me to make more things possible in Civil 3D.
Time to express myself. You too?

Better code tools and better content resources make for more work in less time and hassle.

The Liberty to Work in Civil 3D
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