The Continuity of Christmas


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Members of Congress received the initial roll out of the Covid-19 virus vaccine in this week. This comes as no surprise to me or any of the rest of us for that matter. Selfish is as selfish does. All Members of Congress have been paid to do almost nothing but grouse and point fingers at each other for months and months. Ok. This was an election year. Why does it always seem to be an election year?

The politically spun excuses for this wanton abuse of personal privilege were two-fold. Apparently, someone needs to set an example that the vaccine(s) is safe. Secondly - a misbegotten need for a purported Continuity of Government.

I am not the only one asking, “Where is the good governance?”

A Continuity of Insanity

Excuse me?

We are assured the vaccine(s) could only be released by the FDA if the vaccine(s) were deemed safe and effective.

Should not we expect that all the official government and non-governmental medical folks who personally assured us of the safety and effectiveness are beholden to publicly receive the very first vaccinations?
A video of that public event should satisfy most anti-vax doubters more than any a video of any Members of Congress shooting up. Just sayin’.

Obviously, some Members of Congress are indeed amongst the aged, infirm, and morbid population that should get the vaccine(s) in the first go around. God Bless them.
The rest of them can and should wait in line until after the kindergarten kids.
Let us remind ourselves that, at the very least, all the Members of the House recently survived a public reelection campaign and most without undue side effects.
Ok. A number of them did bite the political dust so to speak.

The Continuity of Government?

The latest Continuity of Government argument is true privileged, political baloney and hogwash.
Only a political Think Tank could come up with this policy-wonk, Washington double speak.
I trust the famous letters IYI come to mind. If not, best look them up.

A politician who employs this Continuity of Government excuse for their privileged vaccination should be recalled because of their personal moral and intellectual failures.

Any Member of Congress or any government official for that matter who drops dead from the virus is replaceable. They are representatives by definition.
Public office is called public service and not please serve my personal interests for a reason.

Don’t hold your breath.

These folks might want to consider their actions for a moment in the Light of the Reason for the Season.
There is indeed…

The Everlasting and Eternal Continuity of Christmas

Merry Christmas!