Civil 3D Contour Labels Unleashed

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How we must express ourselves and our Civil 3D Surface data with Contour Labels is far from the simple task it first appears. Is anything in Civil 3D as simple as it first appears? We face the somewhat unnerving deliverables publication challenge of What if.

What if our client’s reasonable demand for a specific civil engineering design or survey Surface published deliverable is not exactly what we can provide out of the box today?

What if our new project demands more detail and specifics than our current Contour Label Styles collections and Civil 3D templates contain.
No problem.

Time to create, rollout, and implement a new Contour Label Style.
Funny thing. In Civil 3D
The One Becomes the Many.
Then we must maintain them in our production environment (or not) while Autodesk continues to improve and change Civil 3D underneath our feet. Comes with the territory.

Civil 3D Contour Labels Unleashed

The Framework for Civil 3D has always included decent variety of Contour Label Styles. These were built and are faithfully maintained based on the many requests from our customers over the last decade of the Framework’s development.
Silly Me. We asked that dangerous question, “Can we can do better?”

Last week we released the Release 8 Contour Label Style AddOns for Autodesk Civil 3D 2021 and Autodesk Civil 3D 2020. The Contour Label Style AddOn is based on our latest Framework for Civil 3D Style Tool breakthrough – the Label Style Expression Set.

What is a Label Style Expression Set?

A managed collection of Expressions and a Label Style library that employs them.

A video or two are probably called for to explain the powerful capabilities.


Contour Label Style Expression Set

Dang. I wish I had thought of this crazy Label Style Expression Set idea years ago.
Ok. The done deal for a Label Style Expression Set requires a lot of carefully thought-out design, detailed production work, and some of the disciplined magic of craftmanship.

If you catch the drift, a Civil 3D Label Style Expression Set is the difference between factory car parts and a collection of specialized, tuned, high-performance parts that work together better.

The real-world Civil 3D production benefit –

More Civil 3D Work in Less Time with Better Results

The Contour Label Style Expression Set supports full and both fixed and variable Contour elevation truncation in a host of formats. These include Contour Label right of digit display in tenths and hundredths to support Cut and Fill contours and other design time demands and requirements.


How Variable Expression Setting Driven Truncation Works

The Label Style resources also include Contour Label right of digit display in tenths and hundredths to support Cut and Fill contours, QAQC, and other design time demands and requirements for Contour annotations.

The Contour Label Style AddOn contains a staggering collection of 3000+ Contour Label Styles in easy to use and simple to manage specialized resource drawings. See the Civil 3D Contour Label Style AddOns Released post for all the many details.

True to the common Framework refrain. No one needs thousands of Contour Label Styles, but the odds are good if you need one - It’s in there.


Construct an Expression Set Resource Drawing

The Contour Label Style Expression Set is the Framework for Civil 3D product - the batteries are included. The Jump Kit even includes our famous Sandbox projects to help you test and perfect the results.

Define your project demands, construct a Style collection resource drawing, and test the result. Add that beauty that now contains exactly what you need to your classic Civil 3D Template, or Civil 3D Reference Template (TREF), or any Civil 3D project drawing.

Detail documented help for this first of many Framework Label Style Expression Sets is available in the downloads in PDF format and online in detail on this website.
Register, become a site Member, and login for lots of help on many things Civil 3D.

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