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There is no doubt about it. The Framework for Civil 3D is a continuously developed product. The Framework products for Autodesk Civil 3D 2021.2 dropped in earlier this week. We make changes to the Framework all the time. Over more than a decade of on-going effort, most of those improvements came at the request and suggestion of our many happy Framework customers.

Everyone in Civil 3D Land wants to get more work done in less time with less effort.

MoreCompetency released a major Surface Contour Label Style update for the Release 8 Framework for Civil 3D 2021 and Civil 3D 2020 Jump Kit Style Libraries in time for New Years. These much-requested Label Style Library improvements support in-depth truncation of Contour Elevation display in multiple Label Style formats. Hundreds of useful Contour Label Style variants are included and work out of the box.

Civil 3D Contours Labels Your Way

Jump Kit product customers for Civil 3D 2021 and Civil 3D 2020 for both the NCS 6 and AIA flavors may now download the Contour Label Style AddOn Update from the respective download pages.

In-depth Documentation in PDF format for the Label Style Expression Set resources is included with the Contour Label Style AddOn download packages.

Register, login, and visit the on-line Label Style in Civil 3D help pages in the Members sections for details and how tos.

See the recent Civil 3D Contour Labels Unleashed post for videos and the original Civil 3D Contour Label Style AddOns Released post for AddOn details.

Contour Label Style AddOns Updates

The Contour Label Style AddOns supply a much-improved Surface Contours Label Style library. The new integrated resources of Framework Expression Sets and Contour Label Style collections support multiple forms of Contour Label Styles with built-in Expression Set based truncation.

The Contour Label Style AddOn Updates include functional support for negative contours, improved Expression Set behaviors, and fixes to reported issues in the Contour Label Style Expression Set resource collections.

Thank you to the Framework customers who provided the great input, comments, and detailed suggestions to make the new Contour Label Style Expression Set more useful and effective. You know who you are. Thanks.

Yes - for those folks who asked - a Spot Elevation Label Styles Expression Set with truncation support and many more production goodies is coming real soon now.
For some reason there’s a big wish list to complete.

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