Tandem and AutoCAD 2022.1 Update

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This week Autodesk announced the official public release of Autodesk Tandem as a product. The new Tandem is all about the Digital Twins. Nah. These Digital Twins have nothing to do with sexy social media influencers hocking yoga pants or those potential Deep Fake videos of the President claiming there’s another Civil War a happenin’ as the Cubans surge the border in Texas? Say what?

I must be losing my facilities…er…my faculties. Speaking of woke faculties and CRT, back in the day that used to mean Cathode Ray Tube as in TV. All the CRTs definitely mess with the minds of folks.

Call it a toss up. Should the theme song for this post be Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head or You're So Vain? Some things say Pop. This week I seem to recall movies of sort of weird couples precariously riding tandem on bicycles and Paul Newman performing his own bicycle stunts. Maybe you recall Paul (Was he Butch or Sundance?) ended up eye to eye with a bull. Oh. Sheet. Sweet cinematography. Can we call that a famous music video before there were such things? Dooh. That’s right. Bing and Elvis made them.

Yep. We certainly have another Autodesk cloud in our coffee or do we? Maybe we could grind through the Tandem details…

Autodesk Tandem

 Autodesk Tandem enables improved operational efficiencies for the lifetime of the built asset.

Autodesk Tandem allows substantive operational asset data to be targeted, tracked, and managed throughout AEC design development and facility operations to produce a usable digital twin model of a facility. Tandem employs an identified set of workflows and customizable set of APIs that couple Autodesk cloud technologies to produce better managed and usable BIM data results.

Autodesk Tandem can gather all the information about a building, its systems and critical equipment in both tabular and 3D representations. Building operators and facilities managers can then find the information they’re looking for when responding to operational issues to keep proper maintenance. This insight tells them what to expect when they arrive at the maintenance location and helps them understand how work on one system may impact another.

Visit the new official Autodesk Tandem website for more details.

“..more than 95 percent of all (design development) data goes unused in engineering and construction, which results in inefficient processes and lost revenue for AEC firms and owners.”

“Autodesk Tandem is a cloud-based digital twin technology platform that aims to turn that stat on its head. It enables projects to start digital, stay digital, and deliver digital, transforming rich data into business intelligence.”
                      Bob Bray, Senior Director, Autodesk Tandem

Read Bob Bray’s recent More Than a Buzzword: Digital Twin Drives AEC Tandem roll out post.

The current Autodesk Tandem pricing is based on the number of assets managed and tracked:

  • Tandem Free trial - 1000 assets
  • Tandem Commercial – 5000 assets @ $3000/yr or $0.60/asset per year
  • An unlimited license is available

Visit the current Autodesk Tandem Roadmap that describes current launched capabilities, in progress, and under construction features for the Tandem product.

 Lest you think we’ve all been forgotten out here in Civil 3D Land…

Digital Twins and Civil Infrastructure

Last year Autodesk acquired Innovyze, a water infrastructure software company. Innovyze software employs digital twins to enable more resilient water systems. Innovyze’s Info360, maps critical components of a system, from pipes and tanks to pumps and valves. Real-time data feeds are allowed in the platform, providing a comprehensive view of the system’s health. As maintenance or upgrades happen, the digital twin captures the new model data while maintaining the historical record.

Innovyze’s watery-eyed digital twin is purpose-built for operations and maintenance. We could call that Operations Engineering. Sounds like a nice biz to be in…Yeah. You got that.

Didn’t all this stuff used to have a different set of letters too?

Back to the Daily AutoCAD Grind

This week Autodesk also released a somewhat sneaky but substantial AutoCAD 2022.1 Update.

For Civil 3D 2022 folks, this Update looks to be a keeper unlike Carley Simon’s Vain Warren. Eheh.
You tell me. Doesn’t Vain Rat Warren sound like a good name for a grunge band?

AutoCAD 2022.1 Update

This core ACAD 2022 Update fixes a host of annoying issues and has some important performance updates for the AutoCAD engine. Can you say Zoom, Pan, and PDF?

See the AutoCAD 2022.1 Update News item for all the details.

Hey. Autodesk even fixed the annoying extra REGEN required in the 2022 PURGE command when employed in the Civil 3D Batch Save Utility scripts and lisp. Sometimes we whine and it works. Who knew? This song ain’t about you that’s for sure.

Yo. In case you missed it - BJ Thomas who made Raindrops a hit died in late May. Once in a while even late 60’s and early 70’s pop music deserves a shout out.

Why they call it Pop?
Pop - The stinkin’ stuff that sticks in your head and the only way to get it out is to play anything else.
Good Luck with that.

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