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The quick, consistent, and adaptive production of Labels for complex Feature Line grading objects in Autodesk Civil 3D is no simple task. We can choose to execute our site grading designs and/or roadway designs with Feature Lines, Corridors, or with hybrid combinations of the two. The production, the arrangement, and the quality control of our deliverable Label annotation can be man-hour intensive and tedious.

For most of us in Civil 3D Land, the hope for better results might be the reason we employ Civil 3D in the first place. Better automated Labels might be called be the Holy Grail for production work in Civil 3D. It is certainly central to our project execution, the bottom line, and our sanity. We should fix that.

The Framework for Civil 3D delivers the…


Civil 3D Segment Label Style Expression Set

This week we released more powerful and detailed updates for the Segment Label Style Expression Set AddOns.

The new much enhanced Segment Label Style Expression Set capabilities include customer requested support for Line segment labels, Curve segment labels, adjustable Height of Curb, and Height of Wall Label Style collections.
All collections now include innovative fully customizable and selectable Label code support.  
All the Expression Set Label Style collections feature built in adjustable Offset and Elevation Truncation.
Hundreds of new resource drawings and thousands of Label Styles are included.

Register and visit the Members section to see all the Segment Label Style Expression Set details and help.

The Framework for Civil 3D Segment Label Style Expression Set AddOns support the latest Update builds of Civil 3D 2022, Civil 3D 2021, and Civil 3D 2020.

Current Jump Kit 8 and Jump Kit 8 AIA customers may download the Segment Label Style Expression Set AddOn from the respective product download pages.
The Segment Label Style Expression Set AddOn is a complete replacement of the previously released version.

Segment Label Style Expression Set Resources

  • None of the new resources overwrite or replace any previously supplied resources
  • Parent and Child Label Style resources for Current Layer Segment node elevations
    Segment Labels are typically produced on one Layer and then moved to another Layer for publication
  • Parent and Child Label Style resources for In-line, Stacked with line, and Stacked Label Style formats with and without visible Markers
  • Child Label Styles collections for each supplied Parent Label Style employ
    the 8 standard forms of rotation
    in 45-degree increments (0,45,90,135,180,225,270,315)
  • All Segment Label Style collections support an Offset Expression with automatic adjustment for Annotative Scales to adjust all Label offsets from Markers and locations
  • Support for Object and View Orientation Labels
  • Support for invisible and visible Label Markers
  • Optional Expression adjusted Slope Arrow components are supplied for Line Segment Label Styles
  • Support for Code Property Set(s) that optionally add standard Codes to elevation Labels
    Use of Code Property Set Styles requires the Property Set is assigned to Segment Labels and a Code is selected
  • Support for multiple variations of Truncated digits display (includes variable digits forms)
  • The supplied Label Style Truncation default resolves to actual elevations for ease of use
  • Support for Segment node elevation display in tenths and standard hundredths precision with or without truncation
  • Supplied Parent and Child Label Styles honor Civil 3D Feature and Label Style Type Label Style Defaults, Civil 3D hierarchy rules, and Parent Child component inheritance
  • Separate stand-alone +ALWAYS IMPORT Expression Set Truncation and Height of Curb, and Height of Wall Style resource drawings to more easily allow the construction of customized Label Style resource drawings
  • Separate Expression Set documentation in ASCII text files
  • Separate Property Set(s) drawing resources
  • Separate example Line and Curve Segment test drawings are supplied for testing of custom Style resources drawings
  • Support for separate automated Height of Curb and Height of Wall adjustments with up to
      2 separate resolved adjustments for 4 potential Height Settings in
    Up and Down configurations with or without truncation.
  • Future Support for separate Label Style collections with Reference Surface and Reference Profile text components

Framework Expression Set Label Style collections assume most customization will include the standard practice of deleting unwanted Parent and/or Child Styles in production and publishing templates.

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