An AutoCAD 2023.1 Update Splash Down

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Autodesk released an AutoCAD 2023.1 Update late last week. Heigh ho. That usually means that out here in the wilds of Civil 3D Land we should also see an Autodesk Civil 3D 2023.1 Update real soon now. Perhaps you already noticed that some of this recent AutoCAD 2023.1 Update is a bit more targeted at Civil 3D issues than in times past. What gives?

Early Summer Autodesk Updates

There were at least a full dozen Autodesk product updates, enhancements, and hotfixes released for Autodesk Civil 3D and the related AEC Collection products in the month of June. Whoa! Did we miss one? See the News page.

AutoCAD 2023.1 Update

See the link above for all the details.

It’s not rocket science to figure out the earlier Autodesk 2023 Update 1 push has something to do with an upcoming splash down in the Big Easy.

Autodesk University 2022

AU 2022 is scheduled for Sept 27-29 in New Orleans, LA.

AU 2022 signups began on July 12. There are significant discounts available if you register early.
AU 2022 will be held downtown at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.
AU 2022 Digital
signups are free.

Speaking of Splash Downs

Hmmm? Here’s a few spacey things to consider as we sit beneath the emitters…

Did you ever notice that Blue Origin’s and Virgin Galactic’s ships never splash down.
Ok. Elon’s and SpaceX’s reusable rockets don’t splash down either which is a big point.

Oh Yeah. Burt Rutan’s Feather remains the head to keyboard -Why didn’t we think of that -aerospace idea of the late 20th century.

They say Burt “retired” after selling Space Composites to Virgin.

Eheh. Can you hear me laughing?
I think Burt Rutan has officially retired half a dozen times to go on to redesign how we think about vehicles capable of flight.

Word on the street is Burt’s at work on a radically new eVTOL craft.
What’s an eVTOL? An electric powered vertical takeoff aircraft.
If Rutan says his take is nothing like the other eVTOLs out there, he probably means it.

Perhaps Burt Rutan could potentially build a flying disk based on the same principals as the Feather.

Who says the next big thing has to be eVTOL?

How About hVTOL?

Hydrogen powered aircraft just became a lot more likely in the near term.
NASA and DARPA seem to agree.

Hypoint and Glover-Taylor Laboratories, Inc. (GTL) combined in a revolutionary effort to dramatically reduce the cost of commercial air travel and extend the range of aircraft at the same time.

Hypoint produces an innovative turbo air-cooled fuel cell system for aviation platforms. In other words, hydrogen powered motors that work better.

Glover-Taylor Laboratories, Inc. produces the super light (26 lb) high-pressure carbon fiber tanks and fittings that can survive the cryogenic temperatures required. Root around. You’ll discover that GTL does some other important NASA related work. The carbon fiber tanks are a materials and production spin off.

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