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The first live Autodesk University 2022 (AU 2022) in three years officially kicks off today in New Orleans, LA. Yeehah. This live event during the off season in the Big Easy should be hot and sweaty.

Autodesk invading New Orleans reminds me somehow of Creedence Clearwater Revival. A North Bay Area magical rock group that sounds cajun but ain’t. Trust me. Someone at AU will play Proud Mary, Born on a Bayou, or Down on the Corner. Probably all of them. Eheh.

Honestly, after years and years it seems weird to not have AU and Thanksgiving together muddling up our holiday schedules. The “really big show” not in Vegas? Can you see me dancin’?

Autodesk University 2022

If you cannot get to AU 2022 in person, Register and attend AU 2022 virtually.

Autodesk managed to employ the COVID restrictions to practice and greatly improve the AU virtual digital experience. AU Virtual is not at all the same things as hoofing around a giant convention center, but it certainly is better than missing the many benefits of Autodesk University completely.
We all know the drill.

Autodesk AU Updates

As is normally the case, Autodesk released some important product Updates just in time for AU for those of us out here in Civil 3D Land. A few others may trickle out during the event. It happens.

AutoCAD Platform

We could summarize the AutoCAD platform Updates as graphics performance, multi-core publishing performance, Autodesk Cloud Sheet Set Manager publishing, and other misc fixes.

AutoCAD 2023.1.1 Update

AutoCAD 2022.1.3 Update

Autodesk Licensing Service Update

If you want to employ Autodesk Flex for occasional use products and users, the ALS Updates are a must.

Autodesk Desktop Connector 15.8.0 Update

The latest Autodesk Desktop Connector update includes an improved version of the Reference Explorer.
The Civil 3D project management benefits of Reference Explorer are discussed in the Civil 3D Reference Replacement and Tools post and video.

Autodesk Civil 3D

We can certainly expect some more Autodesk Civil Infrastructure product Updates soon after AU 2022. Same is true for the other important Autodesk AEC Collection platform products.

The Civil teams plan show off some upcoming Autodesk Civil 3D 2023.2 Update goodies during the AU week. I sincerely doubt the preview session can be live streamed this time around. Moving up Autodesk University into an earlier Autodesk corporate fiscal quarter has some unavoidable SEC and legal consequences.

Lookin’ out my back door…

Here’s a fitting and funny final word.
John Forgerty, of CCR fame, is touring in Las Vegas in about the old AU November time slot.

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