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By all accounts a successful AU 2022 quickly fades into the rear-view mirror of history. Sadly, some Framework for Civil 3D customers in Florida currently do not have a land line phone to answer or even an office to go to. Thankfully, the cell phone scuttlebutt says they are still around to talk about that.

Hmm? Is my old man perspective simply because I have been around a while? I have multiple flood, fire, and earthquake survival stories of my own. A National Guard helio evac flight is memorable. So is a small tsunami when you are the child playing on the beach. One time I stared at my ceiling all one night wondering if my wife had been swept away by a flood.

My father’s extraordinary hand-built house (my childhood home and early contractor apprentice program) was literally vaporized by a forest fire shortly after he died. He always expected that. We dodged more than a few flaming bullets when I was a kid. I learned early that the most significant first responder is you. Yes. I know folks who have been burned or flooded out and rebuilt more than once. You think differently.

Perhaps this somehow helps us to answer a clueless reporter’s questions about why people live in trailers on the beach in hurricane flood zones. “Sooner or later” does not mean today. In the meantime, other real human issues are more important...

It is important to recognize that how we consider the economic benefits or risks are, in part, time based. Is the annual Mississippi flood a disaster or a benefit? Certainly, the annual Nile flood puts things into a larger historical perspective.

Civil 3D Backwards Compatibility

The Framework for Civil 3D supports multiple releases of Autodesk Civil 3D. This means our customers get the same results - consistent, adaptive, and robust Civil 3D Templates, Civil 3D Style libraries, and other essential Civil 3D resources in any supported release.

This does not mean that a Jump Kit 8 2023.1 product build is the same as the current shipping Jump Kit 8 2020 build.
We do the maintenance and development work to try and make them as similar and as stable as technically possible.

Autodesk’s Civil 3D Backwards Compatibility effort does not mean the Same.

In Civil 3D Land up is easier, back will always be more dicey.

The on-going Autodesk Civil 3D backwards compatibility effort allows a drawing from a recent release to be opened in an earlier and Updated release without dire consequences.

Maybe you want to carefully reread the last sentence again?

Civil 3D Update Magic

How Autodesk accomplishes this feat is not technically rocket science and yet to some folks backwards compatibility appears a bit confusing. Frankly, Autodesk does not do much to publicly clarify false assumptions.

The thing is - as Civil 3D customers, we demand the behavior.

How it is done – the regular Updates to the older Civil 3D releases - is not something we recognize or carefully consider the consequences of every day. Why should we?

We have better things to do - Get our on-going project work out the door.

We too want the affordable, beach-side location and the sunny beaches.

To be clear the capability of Civil 3D backwards compatibility is derived from Updates to older Civil 3D releases to upgrade those older releases to be more compatible with the current release.

Put another way:

Civil 3D 2022.2 has parts of the Civil 3D Object Model that have more in common with Civil 3D 2023.0 than the original Civil 3D 2022.0 code.

Civil 3D 2021.3 definitely has parts of the Civil 3D Object Model that now may have more in common with Civil 3D 2023.0 than the original Civil 3D 2021.0 code.

Mind Your P’s and Q’s

What kind of silly Civil 3D tech advice is that?

As euphemisms go the polite form of “Mind your Please’s and Thank you’s” is not nearly as much fun or as intoxicating as a pub owner’s, “Mind your Pints and Quarts”.

That may also help explain why Jimmy Buffet (of Margaritaville fame) managed somehow to become one of the richest musicians of all time. Seriously?

We too want that affordable, beach-side location and the sunny beaches.

Mind Your P’s and Q’s…

Pick the latest Civil 3D Release Update and then carefully Question the actual release date of the Update you are still usin’ while humming...

“Searching for my lost shaker of salt.”

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