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What is the Templates Only for Autodesk Civil 3D product? We get this question a lot for understandable reasons. We claim that Templates Only is a trial product. Templates Only is the quick and easy way to get a taste of our most popular product - Jump Kit is the Framework for Civil 3D. Folks want to know, “Does it work?”

The trial product moniker is not quite fair to Templates Only.

Templates Only Makes Civil 3D Work


Templates Only is a fully functional production solution for any release of Civil 3D you might want to employ. Many of our smaller customers employ the Templates Only’s Civil 3D Templates, Civil 3D Style libraries, and Civil 3D resources in their civil engineering and survey project work every day.

“It’s true. It's true.”

The Templates Only Competition

What’s not to love about a $35 product that allows Civil 3D to function fully and produce final project deliverables with next to zero investment in customization? It’s true. Ok. You will probably want to assign AutoCAD linetypes to a Layer State or two in publication templates and drawings.
See the recent Layers and States in Civil 3D post.

The Cost for Templates Only is Simply Ridiculous

“Something must be wrong with it?”
Fear not. The only limitations are the number of Civil 3D Styles we include and we support only Civil 3D Imperial versions of our products.

  • 3500+ supplied Style tools is more than enough for many folks
  • Both Civil 3D classic and Civil 3D Reference Templates are supplied
  • Native support for NCS 6.0, GSA, and US Army Corps Layer Standards is built in
  • The latest Template Only 8 2023 even includes both STB and CTB support

If we consider the considerable depth and detail delivered in Templates Only, perhaps $150 to $195 per release would be a reasonable asking price.

Other folks charge $495 per release for Civil 3D template products that deliver far less. We do check.

The most significant issue…

Civil 3D Should Work Out of the Box

We can all shout Amen to that.
Don’t you think somebody should do that?
We choose to make it so.

We can produce and maintain the Templates Only product because we do the really hard work to continuously improve, upgrade, and maintain Jump Kit – the Framework for Civil 3D.
We’ve done that since the beta of the first release of Civil 3D.

Focus and lots and lots of practice can make the impossible possible.

We contend that customers should have access to affordable products that make Civil 3D work. Our customers testify this is so.

Templates Only does the work so you don’t have to.

Templates Only Makes Civil 3D Work
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