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We all need better, safe places for productive play in Civil 3D. There are mission critical personal and corporate reasons why we need better Civil 3D Sandboxes in our civil engineering and survey organizations. We should ask, “How good is my Civil 3D Sandbox?”

Our Civil 3D skills are personal. Productivity improvement requires proactive time spent learning to employ those skills. To learn how to perform well under pressure requires a consistent environment.

Learn and Burn

Do you read a random page in the Civil 3D help file every day? Will you watch a Civil 3D training video about something you do or don’t understand? Do you invest small chunks of time on a regular basis in a known Civil 3D Project Sandbox to learn how to complete tasks in Civil 3D quicker to reach ever more useful and productive results?

We are Paid to Work
The Good Ones are Paid to Get Better at that Work

Someone once complained to me in a Civil 3D training class,

“I don’t get paid to do that.”

This statement equates to – “I don’t believe the boss pays me to work to learn.”

Aside from the affront to professional ethics and the bad behavior that attitude represents, it reflects a self-destructive mindset that is sure to come back around and bite the bearer.

Someone who is semi-skilled in Civil 3D does the work of one.
Someone very skilled at Civil 3D does the work of four or more.
So much for the fairness of income doctrine in the real world.

The 80 20 Rule

I love the background story behind the Pareto PrincipalThe famous 80 20 Rule.
That’s the one where 20% of the people produce 80% of the work.
Did you know that Pareto personally set out to prove a statistical justification for socialism.
Instead the famous mathematician managed to pretty much prove the reasons for its guaranteed downfall.
Do they teach about Pareto in high school?
They should.

Civil 3D is a Team Sport

Civil 3D skills are corporate. A civil engineering or survey project produced in Civil 3D and other software is a team sport whether we like it or not. Good teams work together and do better than the competition.
Great teams get to pick the projects they want to do.
They also get paid better when they can do that.

Investing regularly and thoughtfully in your Civil 3D Project Templates which must work for Civil 3D Users and Project Managers alike, can help make a major difference. A good Civil 3D Project Template is a corporate form of Sandbox too.

The right Project Sandbox playground can help us produce excellence faster and better in Civil 3D.


Label Style Expression Set Sandbox Project

Imagine that. The Framework for Civil 3D Jump Kit product ships with multiple Sandbox Projects. Each Project Sandbox addresses real world Civil 3D Project workflow and Civil 3D Project Management user skill issues.

Even the Framework for Civil 3D trial product- Templates Only ships with a single Example Corridors drawing.

The truth be told; I’ve managed to train a lot of folks is many Civil 3D tasks and workflows for days on end without ever leaving this one drawing. Everything we need to know about Civil 3D Alignments, Profiles, Surfaces, complex Civil 3D Corridors, Label Style annotation, and Sheet Set publication all in one place. Whoa.

Funny how a wee little bit of data behind that we can browse around in can change the way we work and think about Civil 3D.

Reach Beyond the Code
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