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This week the prize for Civil 3D users from Autodesk is the release of the new Autodesk DWG Migration for Docs (DMDA) tool. Maybe the DMDA is a utility? This Civil 3D and AutoCAD whatsit App has been in the works for way too long. Thanks Autodesk. It finally arrived.

The new DMDA will: test and validate all the wonky file and numerous, and notoriously, obscure reference connections in a complex Civil 3D project; allow the Civil 3D user to hash out and fix the issues; and then employ the latest and greatest Autodesk Desktop Connector (ADC) to port the Civil 3D project to the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC). Hoorah.

Autodesk DWG Migration for Docs

Here’s the Autodesk promo video that demos and highlights the important features and benefits of DWG Migration for Docs.


The DWG Migration for Docs App

I hope you take note that the important Reference Explorer tool from the Desktop Connector appears more than once in the video.

Autodesk DWG Migration for Docs provides the technology to upload local project data to Autodesk Construction Cloud efficiently. It is oriented for projects that intend to use Collaboration for Autodesk Civil 3D (which requires Civil 3D 2020.2 or later) or AutoCAD collaboration workflows (which requires Autodesk AutoCAD 2022.1 or later).

The DWG Migration Tool provides guidance throughout the whole data migration process including data integrity checks, fixes, and uploading. The Tool enables the user clean up of data integrity issues so that the uploading process can be completed successfully and efficiently while keeping files as a single source of truth.

The app employs Autodesk Desktop Connector (ADC) functionality to upload the project data from the local storage location to the cloud.
Autodesk Desktop Connector or later is required.

Download  the DWG Migration for Docs app.

See the Autodesk App Store DWG Migration for Docs Help File

See the Civil 3D 2024 Help file DWG Migration to Docs links.

See the Civil 3D 2023 Help file DWG Migration to Docs links.

Dave? Does the New DMDA Work?

I test drove this first public release of the DMDA on a Framework for Civil 3D Sandbox Project.

The Framework Sandbox Project consists of about:

  • 300MB+ of data
  • 400+ files (that includes Civil 3D Survey Dbs)
  • The typical raft Project resources like both classic and Civil 3D Reference Templates (TREF), Layer Standards. etc.
  • Many DREF shared Alignments, Profiles, Multiple Baseline Corridors, Pipe and Pressure Pipe Networks, Surfaces with file references, etc.
  • Both XREF basemaps and IREF (DWF) image basemap production deliverables and multiple Sheet Sets are employed

To be fair I previously fixed and resolved all the Project Cloud migration issues with the beta of the DMDA and mostly with the Reference Explorer tools from the Autodesk Desktop Connector (ADC).

Would the new DMDA port my local Civil 3D project into the ACC correctly with less human intervention?

The Results – Good to Go

The test found three temporary files that Docs rejected. Two were Sheet Set temporary files.

The issues list provides reasonable and decent feedback on typical local to Cloud reference issues.

One raw AutoCAD dwg failed to upload initially because I believe the DMDA hit it twice at once for reasons unknown. This was easy to fix after that fact.

The ADC provided decent on-going upload process feedback. The ADC will automatically close the upload tab of the interface if you move off of the tab. This can be annoying.

The DMDA itself showed reassuring activity at all times during the process via progress bars.

The entire local Project Structure was successfully replicated in Docs.

In Docs all the drawings and other project files resolved and displayed properly with the appropriate file data.

In Civil 3D all the Project drawings opened and resolved correctly and in detail after the port to the Cloud. That includes all the many distinct and separate DREFs and multiple Reference Templates used in the different drawings.

Thoughtfully Employ the DWG Migration App

Whether we want to employ the Autodesk Cloud to host our Civil 3D projects is far from the only reason to employ the new DWG Migration for Docs App.

Out here is Civil 3D Land as our projects age and get more complex, the many references we employ in them can and do become real world production issues. You know the drill.

We can now employ the Autodesk DWG Migration for Docs to successfully test for Civil 3D project reference issues and get them cleaned up in less time and with less effort. Hear. Hear.

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