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Today is the last day of AU 2023 in Las Vegas, NV. Like many of you out there in Civil 3D Land, I chose to attend AU 2023 via the free Digital experience. For reasons that don’t matter to you, travel anywhere just ain’t possible for me right now.

It is safe to say that the official Autodesk University theme this year is Autodesk AI. No surprise there. AI is the trendy word and it is true that Autodesk has committed significant development dollars to their various versions of AI. From Autodesk’s perspective Autodesk AI is directly connected to the Autodesk Cloud apps.

Autodesk AI

Here’s the official Autodesk AI trailer from AU 2023.


Design and Make Anything with Autodesk AI

Sexy stuff. What does this mean for us out here in Civil 3D Land?

It’s a fair compliant from users that Civil 3D doesn’t currently include many Autodesk AI features separate from the AutoCAD based interface improvements. In previous posts I have explained why the behind the scenes work on the AutoCAD and Civil 3D integration and improved Civil 3D object model and API work are both important and ongoing.

Most of the current Civil 3D development work revolves around the various data Connectors. These include improved ArcGIS, ReCap, Infroworks, and InfoWorks ICM connectors all released in the last couple of months around the recent Autodesk Civil 3D 2024.2 rollout. Yes.
There are Framework for Civil 3D 2024.2 Product Updates available for that.

I’d be seriously remiss if I didn’t mention the newest Autodesk Desktop Connector 16.5 Arrives and the DWG Migration for Docs tools. The linked posts cover these Collaboration Connectors of a different sort.

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