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The annual Autodesk Right of Spring begins once again.
AutoCAD 2025 and the 2025 Toolsets were released early this week.
There is something new in the recent release of AutoCAD 2025 for almost everyone.

The latest AutoCAD 2025 ships with a huge list of powerful AutoCAD Toolsets that include:

  • AutoCAD Architecture
  • AutoCAD Electrical
  • AutoCAD MEP
  • AutoCAD Mechanical
  • AutoCAD Plant 3D
  • AutoCAD Map 3D
  • AutoCAD Raster Design

All the 2025 release Toolsets received improvements and fixes too numerous to mention here.

AutoCAD 2025 New Features

Here’s the official What’s New in AutoCAD 2025 playlist.
You can click the playlist control to play any of the 7 videos.


What’s New in AutoCAD 2025

There is no DWG file format change included in the AutoCAD 2025 release.

The AutoCAD 2025 release Help file and all the Toolset Help files are live.

Our Autodesk Online Help page to links to all the AutoCAD Toolset Help files and What’s New details listings.

We cannot neglect to mention that the improved File Open and AutoCAD 2D and 3D graphics performance in AutoCAD 2025 matters to us all. This is particularly true for us AutoCAD Map 2025 and Autodesk Civil 3D 2025 users out here in Civil 3D Land.

See the News page for recent releases of important Autodesk 2025 release integration code:

The Sheet Set Manager for the Web also received recent updates for the Autodesk Docs and Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) platforms.

Autodesk also released recent significant AutoCAD Updates to update the object models of the older AutoCAD 2021-2023 release code.

AutoCAD 2025 New Features

In no particular order here’s a list of the new features in AutoCAD 2025.

Activity Insights and Drawing History Merged

Activity Insights provides an understanding of the past actions performed on drawings. Activity Insights tracks events whenever a drawing file is opened and being worked on in AutoCAD. It can also track some events outside AutoCAD such as a drawing rename or copy in Windows Explorer.

  • Activity Insights now logs more types of activities and provides improved and detailed information in a new Activity Properties panel.
  • DWG History has merged into Activity Insights.
    When a file on a supported cloud storage provider such as Autodesk Docs, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox is saved, a new file version appears as a Version activity on the Activity Insights palette.
  • You can now Click Compare within the Version activity to view the differences between the current and previous version.

Trace Got Better

The Trace interface now includes an improved toolbar.

  • Edit XREFs while in Edit Drawing mode
  • Drag the Trace drop-down to a new location, as you could any palette
  • The Trace Settings drop-down menu can be pinned

Markup Import and Markup Assist Improvements

  • The Markup Import PDF markup files can now connect from Autodesk Docs to AutoCAD
  • Add changes to the Markup file
  • Markup Assist can now be applied to external references (XREFs).
  • When inserting a revcloud with Markup Assist, you can now choose to insert as a rectangular or polygonal revcloud.
    Insert as a rectangular revcloud uses the highlighted border as the defined size and shape of the revcloud.
    Insert as a polygonal revcloud uses the approximate shape of the detected markup as the defined size and shape
  • Add multiple text markups to a single Markup Assist text insertion.
    If you have multiple text strings within multiple markups, save time by adding them all to the same mtext or mleader object.
  • In Markup Assist Edit Drawing mode,
    Annotation Styles are now available in the Settings drop-down

The Hatch Command Got Better

This is a long time AutoCAD Wish List item.

  • A new convenient addition to the S option to the HATCH command now provides the capability to draw hatches without the need for pre-existing boundary geometry.
  • Choose between creating a filled shape or hatching along a specified path using polyline, circle, or rectangle draw options.

The Trim and Extend tools were also improved.

Smart Blocks

Another major upgrade to the Block Palette interface.
To review in ACAD 2024, we got Smart Blocks.

  • The block placement engine learns how the existing block instances are placed in your drawing to infer the next placement of the same block. As you insert a block, the engine gives placement suggestions close to a similar geometry where you've placed that block before.
  • Replace specified block references by selecting from a palette of suggested similar blocks. When you select block references to replace, the product suggests similar blocks for you to select from.

In AutoCAD 2025, the Smart Blocks interface and AI can now Search and Convert.

There is a new AutoCAD BCONVERT command that can easily convert multiple instances of selected geometry into blocks.

  • AutoCAD finds and highlights all instances of the same geometry
  • Choose to convert the selected geometry and the found instances into a block
  • Pick a block from the current drawing, a recently used block, or similar blocks in a block library identified by the machine learning algorithm
  • Convert the source object or the selected instances to a new block.
    In the Convert dialog box, define a new block by specifying a block name and insertion point.
    By default, the insertion point is set to the center of the selected geometry.

ESRI Map Improvements

The Autodesk and ESRI partnership continues to produce easier to use improvements for us all. Employ five new types of ESRI basemap maps to assign geographic location information to a AutoCAD drawing file.

The new ESRI basemap styles:

  • ESRI OpenStreetMap
  • ESRI Imagery
  • ESRI Streets
  • ESRI Light Gray
  • ESRI Dark Gray

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