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The new Framework for Civil 3D 2025 products officially hit the street this week. The latest Jump Kit Release 8 product for Autodesk Civil 3D 2025 includes huge libraries of well-crafted, integrated, and system managed Civil 3D content resources.

The new Framework for Civil 3D is great news if you want and need your Autodesk Civil 3D to work better.

An increased Liberty to Work in Civil 3D is a fundamental goal of the Framework for Civil 3D products.

Get to Work in Civil 3D 2025 Today

The Framework for Civil 3D 2025 products allows us to…

  • Better develop and maintain our mission critical Civil 3D resources for
    civil engineering and survey production work
  • Produce more adaptive iterative designs for more varied kinds of Civil 3D projects
  • Meet the many diverse publication demands that our production deliverables require

The daily, practical Civil 3D working project issues for many civil engineers and surveyors is this -
What can we accomplish with those content tool resources once we have them?

We call that…

The Innovation Beyond the Code

We all appreciate new Civil 3D 2025 code and the resulting improved performance that enables and saves us from tedious work.
Sadly, we understand that new code alone is not enough.
Skilled people and viable, robust, and consistent content tools work together to allow us to produce exceptional results in real world civil engineering and survey projects.


Civil 3D CAD Standards in the Framework

Great content tool resources for Civil 3D do matter.
The creation, edit, and maintenance of all that not-so-silly stuff is what steals our days and gets in the way of better data gathering, analysis, design optimization, and the professional deliverable results we all get paid for.

“Engineers and Surveyors need to perform their professional work, not customize software"

What is the Framework for Civil 3D?

The Framework for Civil 3D is a Civil 3D ToolSet based on the National CAD Standards (NCS) in US Imperial units.
The Framework for Civil 3D products are compliant with GSA, DOD, US Army Corps, and other NCS-based requirements.

Framework for Civil 3D production products – Templates Only and Jump Kit - deliver a functional, Civil 3D production working environment out of the box and fully support multiple releases of Civil 3D.

Jump Kit -The Construction Kit for Civil 3D - delivers immense collections of Civil 3D Styles, other mission critical Civil 3D production resources, and innovative System Management Tools to help customers create, edit, manage, and maintain a better Civil 3D production environment.

Framework for Civil 3D 2025 Release 8

The new Jump Kit Release 8 2025 product includes updated:

  • Classic Civil 3D template resources with Layer State tools in STB and CTB
  • Reference (TREF) template resources with Layer State tools in STB and CTB
  • Jump Kit Style Library Collection with 3000+ resource drawings and files that include
    Adaptive Template Building Block resources for fast task-based template construction
  • Adaptive Civil 3D CAD Standards support
  • New and updated Layer Standards and Layer Standard Spreadsheet Tools and the resources for rapid Layer Standard conversions
  • New and updated support for Grading Optimization
  • New and updated Rail and Rail Turnout Styles, Label Styles, and Set resources
  • Integrated support for all infrastructure Utility Systems
  • Label Style Expression Set resources for Segment Elevation Labels with truncation, height of adjustments, and Code Property Set support
  • Label Style Expression Set resources for Surface Elevations with truncation, height of adjustments, and Code Property Set support
  • Label Style Expression Set resources for standardized Point Offsets and Points with truncation and height of adjustments
  • Surface Style tools
  • Description Key Set XML file and DWG resources with matched Figure Db support
    Automation tools for updates of Description  Key Set library resources are included
  • Assembly drawings and Set of Assemblies collection resources
  • In-depth and detailed Symbol Set resources with thousands of Points Styles and blocks
  • Integrated and Standardized Codes, Description Key Sets and Figure Prefix Db resources
    5000+ Design and Survey Codes with hundreds of easy to edit Description Key Sets and Figure Dbs to match them
  • Powerful Spreadsheet Tools to systematically manage every aspect of Civil 3D
  • Updated, and improved Civil 3D Sandbox Projects for both STB and CTB
    Built-in Reference Template (TREF) support is included
  • Label Style Expression Set Sandbox Project to demonstrate the capabilities and usage
  • Turn Lanes and Medians Sandbox Project to demonstrate the use of Data Reference (DREF) options for corridors and the construction and use of Corridor Frequency Models

Discover all the many specific changes and updates
See the Release 8 Details for the Framework for Civil 3D.

Register and explore the in-depth Documentation and Help support for everything Civil 3D.

Framework Customers

The latest Framework for Civil 3D 2025 products are now available for Framework Release 8.

Jump Kit Subscription customers may now request and upgrade and access the new Jump Kit 8 2025 product.

The supplied Description Key Set XML resources require the use of an updated free downloadable Quux Software Description Key Set Import and Export Tools.
A hearty thank you to Quux Software for their code support, help, and attention to detail.

This is a much-warranted shout out for the Quux Software SINCPAC software tools. Many Framework customers employ and recommend the SINCPAC tools.

You can download a free trial of the full Quux Software SINCPAC Tools for Civil 3D here.

Make Civil 3D Work Better
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