Price Change at a Spring Fever Pitch

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Spring inspires me. New life inspires you and me. Even the poets ask,
Are we like the tulips and the daffodils?
I can barely repress myself.

“Ma. He got the fever!”

Is it cabin fever? Certainly not. I cannot be snowed in unless the UN is wrong.
I live in California, the land of earthquakes, droughts, and irrational, post-modern, existential taxes.

Should it concern us that there are no common synonyms for the word “existential” save one? That can’t be meaningless, can it?

Where I live it is either cold or hot or somewhere in between.
I call it “Freeze Bake”.
Southern California – call it - “Shak’n Bake”.
Of course, everyone knows Northern California is simply “Baked”.

Should it bother us more that we have taxes to create programs intended to require more taxes?

Sorry folks. It is April and that’s never a joke.

Feverish New Pricing

 “Good God! You did what over the weekend?”

We introduced new simple pricing for the Production Solution products.
This isn’t an April Fool’s joke although some may say it’s a fools folly.

  • Try out our Production Solutions for only $25 with Templates Only
  • Jump to InstantOn Basic or InstantOn Survey to implement AutoCAD Civil 3D fast with simple per seat pricing
  • Bump your seat count a bit and you get the largest Styles library for AutoCAD Civil 3D in the world in Jump Kit

Simple Ridiculous Productivity and Price

Now you’ll probably spend less than 0.40 cents a work day for an AutoCAD Civil 3D template and styles solution that works? More bang for the buck. We’re not talking about Deer Hunter. We’re not crazy.

We do the things that Autodesk probably should, but won’t do.

  • We make Autodesk’s expensive software actually useful for real people at work in the civil engineering, survey, and public works project world we all work in.
  • We make their model-based civil and survey software National CAD Standard compliant and we make it more adaptable to any other standard faster.
  • Production Solution products adapt to your preferences with less effort than any solution you will find anywhere.
  • We make AutoCAD Civil 3D data more transportable, more convertible, and more useful.
  • We make AutoCAD Civil 3D work “Out of the Box”

Be Productive and Publish on Demand for Less