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A lunar eclipse and the requisite Red Moon happen in Passover and Easter week this year. Lord knows, it’s a repeatable event.

We’ll have Red Moons four times in the next two years. Each lunar eclipse happens in conjunction with either Passover or the Feast of Tabernacles.

In the GB (green blue) filtered State of California the signs will be clearly evident.
They say we are R (as in RGB) intolerant here.

The Blood Moon Over LA

In the very early morning of Tuesday, April 15 Pacific time (PDT) the lunar eclipse occurs over a very bright Mars in Southern California. Earth and the Red Planet are also in conjunction. Mars is about at its point of closest approach to us too.

“Totally Cosmic, dude.”

If you see red on tax day, this year you know that you are not alone.
Next time around the ObamaCare penalties kink in.
And they say that howling at the moon is lunacy?

“Bummer, dude”

Tench Tilghman