Small Sharp Eyes in the Skybox

Tags aerials, video, imagery

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Folks, when I say “skybox” I’m not talking about the deluxe stadium seating reserved for the corporate classes here. Or am I?

Here Civil 3D land we talk about smaller, faster, and more capable survey data gathering using Autodesk Recap 360, MAV (micro air vehicle) or UAS (unmanned aerial systems) technology et al, in the larger Internet of Things you simply can’t ignore Skybox.

Traffic Cams Take on a New Meaning

Recently the Mountain View, CA based company, Skybox Imaging received a bit of press coverage over its sat photos in the ongoing lost Malaysian airliner saga.

The official, and techno-sexy, Skybox site is worth a visit.

I personally really like the current home page motto,Aerials

“Your World On Demand”

Our Production Solution products for AutoCAD Civil 3D allow you to Work the Same and Publish On Demand.

Make sure you muddle about in the nifty Foundation based responsive design of the Skybox site and find their image gallery.

What is Skybox?

Remember you probably heard about the company when they began.

Let’s make lots of little “cheap” imaging satellites. Let’s speed up the data gathering and post processing analytics by employing the latest Big Data technologies (like Hadoop).
They are off and running…
People and organizations will use the results for surprising work.

HD videos from low earth orbit are more than interesting.

Maybe real soon now the BLM could actually find those missing free range cattle in Nevada?
The BLM still use helicopters?
Oh. Never mind.

What’s going on in the RoboTech/Big Data Analytics/Machine Learning space is mind-boggling.

More next time on Drone Thought in 2014