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Resource Management and Civil 3D Users

One of the common user complaints about Civil 3D is the repetitive way you must crawl around the file system to find and get resources. This is certainly one of my pet peeves. Civil 3D has a lot of potential resources. Back in the day, we called the default install’s resource structure…

Down the Rabbit Hole

The reference to Lewis Carrol’s Alice’s…

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Prepare for the Framework for Civil 3D 2019

No matter what release of Civil 3D you want to run, you can bet that the Framework for Civil 3D runs on it. You can also bet on the fact that the Jump Kit you already own will also continue to also improve over time.

All our Framework for Civil 3D customers have to do is show up to download the new goodies.…

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Better Codes Points and Figures in Civil 3D

Our civil engineering customers say that Framework for Civil 3D provides an awesome design solution for Civil 3D. You get production Civil 3D templates that work. These include one of the largest and most robust Civil 3D Styles libraries on the planet bar none.

Our survey customers say that the Framework for Civil 3D provides an awesome survey solution for…

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Civil 3D Spreadsheet Tools Help

The highways and byways of America are littered with customized Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D Styles that fail. They won’t cut the mustard on my big-stack pastrami Rueben. Tools that don’t stand and pass the workday muster are like growing up believing that kosher pickles are supposed to be limp and soggy things. Ok, this deli food metaphor is getting out of hand. Nasty.

It’s sad. We don’t…

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Batch Save Utility in Civil 3D 2019

The Framework for Civil 3D is a Managed System that supports the production use of Civil 3D and any customization of the backend resources that you can imagine. Customers say the Framework even enables forms of customization they never dreamed of before they started to employ it.

When a new CAD Management tool arrives from Autodesk, I tend to personally…

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