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We all occasionally hear the refrain or claim: “Our projects in Civil 3D are too small to make Data References (DREFs) and Data Shortcuts worth the effort. We manage to get most of our work done in one drawing.”

We can work this way in Autodesk Civil 3D.
Folks do successfully work without DREFs every day in Civil 3D Land.
Like it or…

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Most of us who employ Autodesk Civil 3D in production environments are familiar with the mechanics to replace External References (XREF) in our working and/or publication drawings. The Survey dept updates the existing annotation for the proposed project’s Parcel map. Survey may overwrite the previously shared XREF drawing. They may provide a separate and differently…

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We will wrap up the calendar year 2022 and unwrap a collection of the Top 5 Best Civil 3D Production Tips? Why not. Everyone loves a top five list. I use the production word here not the productivity one even though both do apply in this context.

This post may have a Civil 3D management and implementation bias over a classic set…

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Are we are talking about the latest software changes and improvements to Civil 3D? There is a recent Autodesk Civil 3D 2023.2.2 Update that includes some useful performance improvements and better Autodesk Cloud behaviors with the Autodesk Desktop Connector Update. Today we are not here to discuss that type of feature.

We are here to talk about…

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How many times in Autodesk Civil 3D do we get a complex civil engineering design or survey dataset right the first time? Almost never. This reality is a most important fact about Civil 3D. To employ Civil 3D constructively in a real-world project-based production environment, we need to plan to fail forward.
What the heck does that mean?

Sounds like…

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