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A Civil 3D Managed Dynamic Model Works

As fate would have it, last month I somehow got started on a series update on AutoCAD Civil 3D fundamentals and essentials. I trust you noticed. These days we have lot of new Framework for Civil 3D customers. People do ask those most important and sometimes uncomfortable questions. It seemed apparent I needed to rewrite, update, and clarify the whole series of posts on the significant…

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Inside the Civil 3D Data Shortcut Powers

There’s a sophisticated simplicity to Data Shortcut and Data Reference (DREF) functionality inside AutoCAD Civil 3D. To achieve a more powerful Managed Dynamic Model inside Civil 3D long ago Autodesk built a simple XML-based website to manage and control the interactivity of the data behind for many Civil 3D Features as shared Data…

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Faster Civil 3D Standards with UL

Most of us Civil 3D users live mnemonics. Simple groups of letters can and do save us Civil 3D users time and effort. Human beings certainly easily attach meaning to such things. As most parents and grandparents learn many a three-year old knows the McDonald’s logo. LOL. Few toddlers can read.

Brand and symbol mnemonics act like command aliases in an AutoCAD pgp file. They become the roots…

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Performance Amnesia and Invisible Civil 3D

AutoCAD Civil 3D demands a well-managed project model. Civil 3D real world performance depends on that managed Dynamic Model. This can be a painful lesson to learn at publication crunch time when work has to get out the door. You practice regularly to eliminate crunch time performance problems? Say what?

Pros Practice Execution

We must organizationally and personally…

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Civil 3D Surface Compare

Let’s face it - Surfaces play a huge role in civil engineering and survey work. When I train people in AutoCAD Civil 3D surfaces I frequently get this question:

“Is there any way for me to see what changes I’ve made to a Civil 3D Surface?”

First things first. Did you visualize the surface with at least 3 different Civil 3D Surface Style Tools?
I make…

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