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Civil 3D Styles and Libraries

One day at an Autodesk University lunch table someone from Autodesk sat down with me to interview me about the Framework for Civil 3D. Who that person is doesn’t particularly matter. He isn’t specifically a Civil 3D expert but he is a Civil 3D user. He is someone now in a customer facing position often charged with presenting Civil 3D and the other Autodesk civil…

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Civil 3D Standards for Public Works

Department of Public Works agencies employ the Framework for Civil 3D for countless reasons. Public Works Directors, Assistant Public Works Directors, and their staff from all over say the choice simply makes sense.

Our customers today include public works departments in major metros; well-known counties, townships, and parishes; and certainly a host of smaller public works…

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The Civil 3D Production Vehicle is sUber

Autodesk has AutoCAD users well trained. You buy the product and then immediately begin customizing the product to meet your needs. We expect this. We accept this. With the One AutoCAD 2019 release you’ll get the classic Autodesk AutoCAD-based vertical solutions now called Toolsets. You’ll have to customize the Toolset to make that work too. Perhaps the new Toolset

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Who Broke Civil 3D Reference Templates

Our challenge as Civil 3D users and Civil 3D Standards managers is often to proactively discover inventive ways to make the imperfect productive.

The recent AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018.2 Update seems to have broken parts of the Attach Reference Template dialog box and Manage Referenced Settings panel functionality.

Whoop-de-do. I do admit…

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The Civil 3D Hierarchy Rules

There are a formal sets of dualities built into AutoCAD Civil 3D. Whether we perceive or employ these model-based software pairings for our benefit is another matter altogether. Every Civil 3D user struggles with these dualities to one degree or another. Frankly, it’s even a bit difficult to talk about them in Civil 3D without being a bit confusing. You can end up sounding like…

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