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Autodesk released a bunch of new Autodesk Infrastructure product Updates, Extensions, and tools over the last 60 days most in advance or around the virtual AU 2020 event. These included the Autodesk Civil 3D 2021.2 Update. Remember to be on the lookout for promised Autodesk Construction Cloud integration products promised to be released later this month.

The Framework for…

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Autodesk released Autodesk Civil 3D 2021 Update 2 this week. The Civil 3D 2021.2 Update arrived with a complementary Infraworks 2021.2 Update and a significant update to the capabilities of the Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS. A hearty hear here for the new and improved support in detail for ArcGIS raster imagery…

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The Framework for Civil 3D and its products are a Managed System. We take a manufactured or industrial approach to address the many challenges of Autodesk Civil 3D customization. If you prefer, we are Parts Supplier of integrated Civil 3D resources to build diverse, sustainable, and adaptive Civil 3D Standards from.

How can we better support…

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Autodesk halted the availability of the Autodesk Civil 3D 2020.5 Update late last week. Oh, no. This somewhat embarrassing recall (or whatever you want to call it) was based on customer issues and complaints regarding the new Civil 3D 2020.5 Update code. As of this post there is no formal Autodesk statement or official public list of the reasons and issues found for the Civil 3D…

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Autodesk released a horde of new Infrastructure Updates, Extensions, and tools over the last 60 days. The annual Autodesk fall Get ready for Autodesk University rollout is in full display. An important Autodesk Civil 3D 2020.5 Update arrived only late last week. There were new features and a lot of important Civil 3D fixes in that Update.


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