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Civil 3D Text Tips and Tricks

Whether you employ the Framework for Civil 3D or not, these basic customization or tweaking tips and tricks for text might help. Let me be clear. If you have a collection of existing Styles built around some typical Civil 3D standard methodologies these should work. If you have a Civil 3D template and Style collection made by WingIt & DingIt and they do not, you…

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AU 2017 Fever for the Framework for Civil 3D

For regular attendees AU 2017 in Las Vegas, NV starts today. If you work for Autodesk or are a developer, the odds are AU 2017 is one or even more days old. You could be already bleary-eyed and foot sore. This year AU is at the Venetian not at the MGM Grand. Been there. Done That. Don’t need a scooter.

Enjoy yourself. I always do. My favorite part of Autodesk University

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Thanks for Civil 3D and Upgrades

In Civil 3D Land we all have a love to hate relationship with new product releases. Whether the new AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018 is ready for prime time in your neck of the woods depends on lots of factors. I’m a long-time developer of Civil 3D template and Civil 3D style tool products. My perspective is somewhat different and yet very much the same. Your productivity matters. The implementation of new…

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Civil 3D Customization Kickstart

Autodesk folk say everyone wants an AutoCAD Civil 3D built their way. I believe professional civil engineers and surveyors really want their expensive Autodesk code to work and produce work that is acceptable to them and those that they deliver too. If that’s the goal of your AutoCAD Civil 3D customization, we can work with that.

We build and maintain the most downloaded, most used, and…

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Civil 3D Reference Template Mechanics

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 introduced Reference Templates. The concept of Reference Templates is to finally deliver a way to standardize Civil 3D Style Management a bit more effectively. We can now systematically manage the Styles in your current production template by referencing Civil 3D Styles from other separate Reference Templates. These are included a managed stack…

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