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Many people have questions about the new Project Explorer for Civil 3D for Autodesk Civil 3D 2021 and Civil 3D 2020. Project Explorer is the best thing Autodesk has done for Civil 3D production use and for Civil 3D users in more than a few Civil 3D releases. That says something.

If you are an AEC Collection or Global Support subscription customer, you have download and install…

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People often ask what makes the Framework for Civil 3D special and different. Everyone wants an answer that speaks to their current need. Everything depends on the state of their Civil 3D usage both personal and corporate. Yes, there are indeed corporate Civil 3D skills.

If you are a Civil 3D newbie or are starting a new civil engineering practice, you must…

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The Framework for Civil 3D is all about the reduction of the many manhours spent to get Civil 3D to function as advertised in production Civil 3D project environments. The Autodesk Civil 3D software we employ every day is only as capable as the content tools we have and then must maintain. Now that’s a bit crazy.

The Framework for Civil 3D is all about the…

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Managed symbol graphics in Autodesk Civil 3D can become a challenge. Not because it is particularly hard to do. This is AutoCAD 101 basics afterall.  Inside Civil 3D there is an overwhelming amount of this detailed and sometimes project specific annotative detail in modern civil engineering and survey project plan set deliverables.

The Framework for Civil 3D

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Ready or not. The latest Autodesk Civil 3D 2020.4 Update hit the street late last week. New Civil 3D releases and Updates are a fact of life in Civil 3D Land. The good news is the Civil 3D 2020.4 Update fixes and number of important outstanding Civil 3D 2020 issues for Pressure Pipes, BIM 360 Collaboration for Civil 3D, ArcGIS interoperability,…

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