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Better Codes Points and Figures in Civil 3D

Our civil engineering customers say that Framework for Civil 3D provides an awesome design solution for Civil 3D. You get production Civil 3D templates that work. These include one of the largest and most robust Civil 3D Styles libraries on the planet bar none.

Our survey customers say that the Framework for Civil 3D provides an awesome survey solution for…

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Civil 3D Survey Project Prototypes

AutoCAD Civil 3D can be the software surveyors love to hate. Maybe that should read hate to love? Unquestionably, Autodesk immediately messed with the established survey CAD workflows. In truth, they even messed with the core essential meanings of many familiar things like Point, Figure, and Alignment.

Historically, Autodesk also probably took way too long to sort out the…

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Civil 3D Point Display Priority Strategy

Shall we continue to explore the interpreted nature of point data in AutoCAD Civil 3D? In the last post we talked about the Point Display Override Strategy. That’s where many civil engineers and surveyors end up after initially struggling with AutoCAD Civil 3D point display issues for a bit.

If we employ

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Civil 3D Point Display Override Strategy

In our previous post on Point Display in Civil 3D we talked about the fundamental interpreted nature of point data in Civil 3D. We discovered it can and usually does take a while for the practical realities of the deeper forms of point display resolution and management to sink in.
Civil 3D delivers the means to accomplish sophisticated point display resolutions.…

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The Data Points of Civil 3D In and Out

One of the Autodesk memes about AutoCAD Civil 3D is there are always a bunch of ways to get anything done. Variety is the spice of life. AutoCAD Civil 3D Point display is no exception. These varied methods to get to Point display resolutions are powerful. They can be overwhelming. That point may cause us disquiet or dismay. We can keep things the same and make ourselves more work or change our way…

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