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Civil 3D Description Keys Do Format

Most civil engineering and survey firms employ a simple form of codes in the Format column of their Description Keys. There’s no problem with that, but you may be missing some very useful functionality built into AutoCAD Civil 3D’s Description Keys Sets and annotative Label Style power tools.

Inside Civil 3D there is the simple and then there is the simply…

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Survey in Civil 3D to Surfaces

Go ahead and say it out loud. There be lots of sizzle, hiss, and snake-like sound in that post title. Stomp about a bit in rattlesnake land. Do the same old things. You may miss the magic. Trust me. When you look down at your boot and there’s a mad, hissing snake wrapped around it and his fangs are buried in the boot leather you’re mighty glad you changed your Nikes. Time to change that nappy?


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BESTWay Figures in Civil 3D

We talked Civil 3D gone wild recently. We explored our ability to improve our daily productivity by the use of repetitive patterns and the logical NOT tool in our Survey Codes, Description Keys, and Point Group definitions in the post NOT Keys in Civil 3D.

The practical realities of Not Key patterns

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The Magic of Points in Civil 3D

Are Points are one of those “I love to hate them” beasties in AutoCAD Civil 3D? I say it often and loudly that the performance of Civil 3D COGO points sucks. Best to employ them thoughtfully. On the other hand, Civil 3D Survey points can rock your socks off. There are a whole bunch of videos that show that here.

Does it appear in Civil…

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Description Key Size and Number in Civil 3D

A couple of months ago I received a surprising comment from a new Framework for Civil 3D customer. The firm is a pretty typical regional civil engineering and survey firm with multiple offices. They have a wide-ranging professional portfolio that seems to span a good number of common civil disciplines.

The folks in the AEC firm have been using Civil 3D since release 2012.…

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