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The Coronavirus crisis is upon us all. Autodesk officially announced temporary free access to Autodesk Cloud Collaboration Products and some delays and changes to future billing and licensing policies in an effort to somewhat mitigate their customer issues during the crisis. The Autodesk details and official links to more information are listed and linked below.

You have…

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If you tool around the cadpilot site, you will discover lots and lots of in-depth Civil 3D content, videos, and help. All the video content produced by other experts on the site is curated. I personally watch and seriously consider the viability of the video content you find here.

If it makes sense, I’ll often add constructive comments on the video in the…

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Autodesk University 2019 is in the books. If Autodesk says true to form the AU 2019 Online courses and video recordings should be available later this month or early next year. We don’t have to wait. Hoorah. I caught up a little bit over the long Thanksgiving weekend by splitting my screen time between some great football (in multiple flavors of the sport) and some…

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Autodesk is making a serious push to get the folks in Civil 3D Land to employ Autodesk’s cloud-based BIM 360 solutions. You might tend to want to pursue an ostrich strategy for BIM 360. That might not be a good idea. In some project-based contexts BIM 360 makes sense where you have aware partners who want to play the collaboration game more deeply. BIM 360 can make the management…

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To try and make cents out of Civil 3D is no easy task. The Civil 3D diva is a big beast with lots of moving parts and pieces. The numerous methods of usage, optional workflows, and many diverse nuances of the entire Civil 3D tools package are an overwhelming and never-ending story. A new Civil 3D 2020 is almost upon us. If you use Civil 3D, you already know that. You live it.

Everyone works…

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