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Release 7 for Autodesk Civil 3D 2019

Civil engineers and surveyors know Autodesk makes powerful civil software tools. Civil 3D is big complex software. We all quickly discover there are lots of moving pieces and tons of intimate details involved. No matter what, we’ve got to get all of that detail straight and working well together into an integrated system if we want a truly productive Civil 3D working environment.


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Resource Management and Civil 3D Users

One of the common user complaints about Civil 3D is the repetitive way you must crawl around the file system to find and get resources. This is certainly one of my pet peeves. Civil 3D has a lot of potential resources. Back in the day, we called the default install’s resource structure…

Down the Rabbit Hole

The reference to Lewis Carrol’s Alice’s…

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Civil 3D Standards for Public Works

Department of Public Works agencies employ the Framework for Civil 3D for countless reasons. Public Works Directors, Assistant Public Works Directors, and their staff from all over say the choice simply makes sense.

Our customers today include public works departments in major metros; well-known counties, townships, and parishes; and certainly a host of smaller public works…

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Civil 3D Training Resources Included

Someone asked about why we include example projects with Jump Kit. Best I let a customer answer that…

“You suggested on the phone that I root around in the project dataset that you supply with Jump Kit. You pointed me to example drawings on the phone. These days I don’t expect much from examples supplied by software people like Autodesk. Boy, was I wrong.


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Civil 3D Survey Project Prototypes

AutoCAD Civil 3D can be the software surveyors love to hate. Maybe that should read hate to love? Unquestionably, Autodesk immediately messed with the established survey CAD workflows. In truth, they even messed with the core essential meanings of many familiar things like Point, Figure, and Alignment.

Historically, Autodesk also probably took way too long to sort out the…

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