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At times we feel setup, but this post is not about a con job. 3-3 merely seemed an appropriate date to talk AutoCAD Civil 3D setup. People say they struggle with the somewhat intricate details that the standard setup. Perhaps you think you’ve got them all licked. Maybe you do and maybe your don’t. I’ve been fooled into this dumb think more than a few times.

“We don’t know what we don’t know.”

There Only a Single Setup?

In AutoCAD Civil 3D there are many.
Software built on software built on software is called waterfall development. When the software developer employs that methodology things tend to cascade. Experiential chaos can ensue.


Autodesk is historically famous for not even being able to keep the basic names of things straight between applications that work together.  This makes Autodesk training fun. Map 3D has “Features” that act as Styles. Civil 3D has Styles for Features. Don’t even get me started on “points”. Arrrgh.

Let’s see…we’ve got the AutoCAD Profile(s), the AutoCAD Workspace(s), our Survey Settings, and then there are other things.

Obviously a production solution for AutoCAD Civil 3D where all the many parts in the Civil 3D templates – the Civil 3D Styles and the rules all work together might be something we might want to consider.
Check it out.

Operational CAD Standards

Even an engineered solution designed and built to function better from the get go requires user accountability to get the model-based software resources, publish on demand capability, and the production interface environment maximized to perform civil engineering and survey project work.

The AutoCAD Civil 3D Setup is the first and maybe the most important workflow to perform.
Did they tell you that when you signed up?
We hop into the cockpit. There’s a process we need to perform.

The Civil 3D Cadpilot Checklist 

I recorded this training video to cover the essential AutoCAD Civil 3D Setup details in a concise fashion. Many people tell me,

“Thanks! It works for me!”

You like? Do you DO them all?
I’m so sorry. There are actually more setup details. This is exactly why Civil 3D template standards and Civil 3D Style maintenance is vital to our sanity and operational productivity. Just recognize that the video does not cover a bunch of useful AutoCAD and AutoCAD Map 3D setup details which also might be good to know and practice.

You can find plenty of other useful and free AutoCAD Civil 3D training video recordings here.