The Sophistry of the Secular


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Secular - This oft misunderstood and misused term underlies the current great debate we continue to struggle with in our American society. Here’s the formal definition:


  • of or pertaining to worldly things or to things that are not regarded as religious, spiritual, or sacred; temporal: secular interests
  • not pertaining to or connected with religion ( opposed to sacred): secular music
  • occurring once a century

Most folks ignore the final rather interesting dictionary definition as inconsequential, mysterious and therefore irrelevant.

Does something truly secular only happen once in a long while?

Many seek to redefine the other two definitions as something positive when they are not.

They imply all too often to be “secular” is more human, more moral, and better than religious. In effect, they claim it is truly possible to separate things religious and decisions of faith from the rest of the human experience.

This is a neat trick of sophistry to employ a term originated by the church for different purposes of good as a “weapon of righteousness” against all such institutions and activities. For a good long while, here in America, the weapon has been applied particularly toward the Christian church in all its forms. This behavior in the US will not stop there. It cannot.

Secular Becomes the Anthem Cry of Moral Dishonesty

We should also note that this moral sophistry is most often performed by the most devoutly religious and prejudicial person of all -  the modern Secular Humanist. Humanism is itself a religion. Secular humanism is no less a religion because its acolytes and priests claim it is not. The very fact they so often do so without moral conscience or serious thought and consideration merely serves to anecdotally confirm this. A false assumption remains false even if it is ignored.

Is Secular Possible?

As a practical matter for human beings secular behavior is not possible. Without the grisly neuro-science details our brains simply aren’t wired that way. We’d be long dead as a species, if it were the case. Whether you like the scientific studies or not, they confirm we all make “faith” based decisions and assumptions. We build our expectations and our behavior from them.

For many years this “faith” behind human decision was defined by secular humanists as a purely personal construct. There’s that neat trick of logic at work again. “I want it to be about me!
But our decision making processes aren’t even close to being “personal” in the way the secular humanists either intend to imply. Some understand this. Many simply believe in the myth. Factually most of this stuff involves making decisions in a social/political/religious environment. The concept of a personal decision for any of us is an illusion. For all of us it’s a “shared” faith world. Who you hang out with matters.

As a line of philosophic argument the concept of “secular” is obviously possible.  There’s the rub.
We can think it, but people cannot really do it. A rational person would abandon the secular philosophic concept as unworkable at that point. We’re not talking rational thought here. This again only serves to make the point of this post all the more clear.

Secular Humanism is a Religion

The sophistry of the secular humanist was, is, and always must be intentional and by personal choice. It is always a selfish choice. They must therefore argue all human choice is selfish by definition. There’s that neat trick again. If you start from fallacious assumptions, you must dance harder.

By these statements I simply mean the secular humanist is condemned to be trapped in the philosophic illogic of their own making.
An admission of the nature and substance of the faith that powers human decision disavows the fraudulent philosophy completely. But they believe it.
The quantdry creates some exceptional examples. This is why it becomes perfectly acceptable in their religion to declare a horse a dog; a man a women; or a criminal a hero. In truth these forms of silly and dangerous behavior becomes a necessity.

The Deadly Progressive Nature

I find it apt the term Progressive has generally come to symbolize this form of thinking in society today. Indeed things must progress from bad to worse when human beings, who do everything in faith, have that faith stolen from them without conscience. There appears to be little innocence or good intention at work here either. To deny the faith of man has known dire consequences. It means the Rule of Law become personal in a way that is clearly and demonstrably visible and growing around us.

You think I’m kidding? I’m not.

The modern secularist in America will always bring up and condemn the “religious wars and persecutions” of the Church as one of the key reasons why their “non-religious” and better “secular” philosophy is somehow morally superior. It's true we all immigrated here to the US either by choice or force often to escape church and state coupled horrors. To blame the human disaster on “religion” and “faith” is a gross misunderstanding of both the human mind and the real human history itself.  I, and many others, would argue the secular humanists have picked the wrong fall guy for their own convienence.

Let’s Compare Scores

More human beings were murdered, killed, slaughtered, and sacrificed on the secular progressive state altar in the last century than in all of history before. 20-30 million in China; 10million in the Soviet “republics”; 5-6 million in Europe; 2-3 million in South American, Asia, and India each; An unknown (at least to me) but equally staggering number in Africa.

In the Middle East keeping score gets more dicey. In that area of the world is the slaughter, slavery, and inhuman treatment of persons the result of religious institutions or “secular” state institutions? I’d argue it’s again the coupling.

I do not think I really have to start with “the nation wars” which are NOT part of the counts above. The secular state has done the better job of killing people intentionally and unintentionally. The secular state easily out performs any human organizational system seen to date in human history at the task of creative horror.

By the numbers above it looks like North America and the US escaped this death march. The secular state works better here because of the multi-faith nature we’ve so far been able to nurture. In effect, we politically and socially must deal with lots of different faith based decision systems. We cannot have a national “church”.
But we have one now. The religion of Secular Humanism has become the church of the state.

A True Jihad

The modern Progressive preaches and teaches that “religion” is the enemy. They long ago identified that any person of faith (except their own) is the true enemy. You don’t have to dig far into their intellectual underpinnings to discover this fact. Progressivism and secular humanism must have enemies to blame and oppressors to overcome to grow their power just like any other institutional church.

Yes. The state coupled with state religion (or not) is a nasty, murdering, and greedy beast. Our forefathers were right to fear it and attempt to move beyond it. However, the modern secular humanist takes this logic therefore happily adopts and adapts his “religion” to murder to grow his faith. Criminals become heroes. There isn’t a truly “right” moral decision after all – only choices between necessary evils. Moral relativism becomes “just” and it becomes the Rule of Law.

In the end, the collectivist “moral good” as defined by a high priesthood must exceed all other need and moral choice. This is most true when you become a recognized an official member of the special priesthood of the believers - The ruling secular priesthood.

If any institution, political, economic, or religious says to you that you are not responsible and accountable for your personal actions, they are attempting to deceive you. Believing the lie will not help you when those same institutions come to seize your possessions or enslave you and your children in the name of moral correctness.

This is Why America is Different

You are responsible. You are accountable.
As a US citizen it is your foremost responsibility to hold others responsible and accountable to behave the same.

Yes. We even get to have fun arguing about it each and every day. Talking politics, religion, and business ARE the same thing. To confine our discussions to “secular matters” and contexts as a matter of correctness is….

Secular by the Third Definition