Tuesday is Election Day

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I’ll vote on Election Day. I want to stand in long lines.
I hope the other folks in my long line studied up like responsible citizens.
I hope they are citizens.

My Tuesday Hope

I hope by now my fellow voters are sick of TV propaganda ads about anything and anyone.
I hope they choose to pay no attention to any of them.

I hope my fellow voters will pay attention to more than the popular and populist media sources.
Popular ideas and popular people are notably short on sound thinking, good policy decisions, and historically bad at producing “better” real world results.

I hope the voters will ignore ALL the experts and talking heads.
Factually these people have most often proved to be FAR more wrong than we are en mass.
There are exceptions, but they are just that.

I hope reasonable voters study a bit of history before casting their lot.
Otherwise, we’ll all probably draw the short straw and get to repeat obvious mistakes.

I hope they are thoughtfully fearful about what they are doing more than they believe in what they are doing or who they are voting for.

Put it this way…
When you vote today you are signing away at LEAST 50% of ALL your time, energy, and effort.
This is TRUE whether you are rich, poor or middle class whatever those terms mean to you.
In the worst case scenario, you may be signing your own death sentence or economic destruction.
Our Republic has stood tall or failed badly based upon whether it’s citizens understood that.

The “founding fathers” understood it would come down on their personal heads either way.
They were brilliant.
No one escapes or really gets a get out of jail free card.
There is no free lunch.
The Laws of Human Gravity make it impossible.
Our Republic is built to work that very human way.
No other way of human governance works better for obvious but very uncomfortable reasons.

I hope all voters are accountable enough about their civil duty and don’t let anyone else tell them how to vote.
If you need a crib sheet created by others to vote, STAY HOME.
You have not performed the work necessary and you are accountable for to all your fellow citizens to actually fulfill this rare and privileged civil duty.

Don’t for vote for or against anything or anyone you aren’t committed to live with.
You may get the chance.
We all voted in our present circumstances.
NO matter what delusion you may believe, they didn’t do it.
We did.

I Hope to See You in Line