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Recently, Shaan Hurley of Autodesk, posted a tweet to a real cool Autodesk YouTube marketing video on Autodesk Recap 360, GoPro camera, and Autodesk Revit. The recording demonstrated the use digital GoPro camera pics shot from a DJI Phantom quadcopter UAS to rapidly construct surface models and much more in Revit.

These subjects happen to be right up the path of one of my personal research projects. Yeah. I should be working on AutoCAD Civil 3D templates and Styles, and I think I am. These will remain a recurring “weekends” study project.

As a past Marin resident thinking about that video struck me as funny. I always thought the Marin Headlands gun turret site would make a scenic hotel/restaurant location. It is a bit chilly and out of the way. It officially became a Skateboard park? If you visit, please remember to bring a parka.
I won’t ask you to seriously consider why there are no wind turbines there, but why Altamont Pass is awash with them?

Capture the Surface of Reality

On April 1, Jack Strongitharm also posted a similar personal (and more irreverent) Recap how to piece on his blog. Way back in February, Jack also wrote 2 “Capture Reality” Recap and Civil 3D how to walk-throughs featuring TopCon and Faro tools. Peruse and ponder.

Pay Attention to Faster and Productive

If you need that in Civil 3D, go here.

More about the applied differences between UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle), UAS (unmaned aerial systems), MAVs (micro air vehicle), KAP (kite aerial photography), and more at a later date.
All these technologies are worth exploring.

Surveillance for the Masses

The DJI Phantom quadcopter is and isn’t state-of-the art.
Currently the Phantom is like the AutoCAD of UAS machines.
DJI’s Phantom and Phantom 2 are popular, relatively cheap, and easy to get.

The responsible piloting experts warn that you initially need to learn to fly larger quadcopters and even bigger octocopters (capable of carrying useful payloads) on something cheaper to fix.
Here’s the process: Charge…Fly…Fix and Charge.

Any small experience you may have with radio controlled vehicles of any type should confirm this.
There are an exploding (no pun intended) number of local RC clubs and organizations with folks more than willing to help you learn.

At the moment, I still have my brain awash in doctoral theses and more technical mumbo jumbo than most people ever want to know about these and related topics.
Probably few of you would find “weed identification in row crops imaging algorithms” interesting in and by themselves, but I do. Call me a space cadet.

You care about what you can apply.

Makes Sense to Me

Tench Tilghman