Is Civil 3D Survey supported?

Do the Framework Production Solution products have the Styles, Description Key Sets, Figure Databases to deeply support the import field books, point files, and employ the automatic linework generation tools?


There are essential design related Point Styles, multiple Description Key Sets, and integrated Figure tools included in InstantOn.

More in depth coverage of Description Key Sets and Point Styles is available and now included in Release 7 InstantOn.
Previous Releases include that in InstantOn Survey.

The Framework includes a standardized set of common Keys based a collection of State DOT standards, multiple regional civil/survey organizations, and other recognized survey standards.

  • Users will have to adjust the keys to work with their current coding methods.
  • In Civil 3D Survey linework is generated as figures from any Survey Db even ones generated from point files.
  • The equipment and its software determine how much work this takes to make happen,
    but it is easier to do in all recent versions of AutoCAD Civil 3D.
  • Both Example FBK files, Points files and Figure Prefix library that matches Point Descriptions is included to show how this works in some detail. These are included in the supplied project dataset

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