Is this a Product or a Service?

The Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D is not software in a traditional sense.

There is no software or client code to install.

It is a designed collection of resource files for AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Three of the important issues with Civil 3D Templates and Styles are:

  • Time and skills needed to customize them initially
  • Maintaining them from release to release
  • Upgrading on-going project work

If you purchase the a Framework Production Solution product, a lot of that work will be significantly reduced for you.

No we won't do all the work for you, but you get:

  • More Styles and Sets - less customization
  • More "crafted Styles" - more and better choices
  • Tools to make customizing, maintaining, and upgrading project easier

The Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D solution is a Service