Explain Licensing

The Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D products are licensed based on seat count and/or seats purchased on a by release basis.

Product pricing per seat/release is published on the specific Product pages.

Products are supplied with a minimum of 5 seats.

As additional seats are purchased the supplied product automatically increases in 5 seat increments.

Typical Licensing and Example with Automatic Product Escalation:

  1. Initial purchase of InstantOn - 5 seats
  2. Purchase of  5 additional seats (total 10 seats) includes automatic upgrade to Jump Kit

In other words, more resources are automatically supplied as the seat count is increased.

The customer may optionally escalate the supplied resources by the purchase of a product with more resources.

Templates Only

The trial product Templates Only is  single seat product.  Purchases of Templates Only recieve credit towards the purchase of any product for 90 days from date of initial purchase.
(Templates Only not intented for deployment, implmentation, and every day production work.)

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