How are your Templates different from the Civil 3D ones?

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All the templates that ship with AutoCAD Civil 3D are ONLY basic examples.
They include the basic Styles to demonstrate how the software works at a product demostration level.
No one could produce a deliverable plan set from the supplied templates out of the box.

The MOST IMPORTANT difference between the example Civil 3D templates and the Framework templates is the time it takes you and your organization to be productive in the software.

Framework for Civil 3D products are ByDesign:

  • A Start to Finish Solution
    • there are NO critical missing pieces
  • Consistent and Documented
    • you know what you are dealing with
  • Built to be customized
    • you have less upfront work to do
  • Easy to Maintain
    • you have MUCH less maintenance work to do
  • National Standards based
    • you are instantly more compliant
  • Included working project dataset
    • you get functional real world examples