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Why to Employ the Framework for Civil 3D Products

  1. Affordable but Definitely not Feeble
    o A complete End-to End solution with all the parts and all the functionality you need
    o Rave Reviews by Customers and Civil 3D experts from all over 
    o No one else in the world offers anything comparable at ANY price
  2. Includes Thousands of Functional Feature Styles, Label Styles, and Sets
    o In-depth Style collections support every Civil 3D feature
    o All common tasks are well supported by Style, Label Styles, and Set
    o Integrated and Name matching Support File Resources
    o Multiple templates that are integrated to work together
    o Plots Right out of the Box
    o Simply put… makes Civil 3D sing, dance, and play in the band
  3. Based on National Published Standards and Built to be a Standard to Build On
    o National CAD Standard (NCS) compliant
    o Uniform Drawing Standard compliant
    o Tri-Service Plotting standard compliant
    o Built in legacy Land Desktop graphic support
    o Editable DGN Export Support
  4. Provides an Platform for the neutral delivery and exchange of entire Civil 3D projects
    o Submit digital files in Civil 3D without handing over your in-house customization
    o Great for Government agencies who must deal with consultants and other agencies
    o An inexpensive set of CAD Standards with multiple Civil 3D release support
  5. Reduce your Real Cost of deploying Civil 3D in production
    o It’s Easier to Edit than to Create
    o No need to spend thousands of dollars on Style and Template creation
    o No complex code to install or pay for
    o Ready to Run
    o Plots out of the Box
  6. Reduce your Training and Implementation Costs
    o Train and Use Simplicity - Staff can use InstantOn products today
    o An in-depth Training dataset Included
    o Every Feature and every Label Style
    o Consistent Naming Conventions for All resources
    o Proposed and Existing conditions are built-in
    o In-depth documentation
  7. Reduces your Maintenance Costs
    o Designed to be personalized, customized and maintained
    o The Framework development process is proven in the real world on real projects
    o Follow the simple PUBLISHED rules and projects will migrate quicker and easier
    o Framework for Civil 3D products upgrade from release to release
  8. Includes Working Project datasets that can be used for Development and Training
    o Real world project datasets are supplied with working drawings in STB and CTB
    o Quick and Easy install and setup
    o Examples of all key Civil 3D tasks and Features
    o Ready to plot Sheet Set and Plan Production tool examples
  9. Quick and Easy to Personalize and Customize In-depth
    o Designed from the ground up to be quickly personalized
    o Pick your favorite Styles and Sets and go to work
    o Standardized to be Customized "in-depth' with less work in less time
    o Jump Kit makes producing task based and specialized templates fast and easy
    o Fully documented Spreedsheet Tools
  10. Framework for Civil 3D Products make Civil 3D work