Do I need all the Styles?

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Probably not.

Users are often surprised at the number and variety of Styles included even in our "basic" Templates Only and InstantOn products.

The capability to better visualize and annotate civil design and survey data is mission critical to improved deliverables in less time.

  1. The issue is really to first discover the 90%+ of the included Styles that you can use without making any changes.
  2. Next you will probably want to evaluate the supplied styles in InstantOn and remove the ones you will not use regularly from your production templates.
  3. Next identify the specific Styles you must change to produce and include in a Publish template for your deliverable publication.
  • Publish templates need ONLY a small set of Styles and Sets appropriate for the deliverable or client requirements.
    This is where it is best to focus customization and personalization efforts intially.
  • Production templates need additional Styles and Sets for quality assurance, design/survey visualization, etc.
    These work out of the box usually with next to no customization required

The Jump Kit is a Construction Toolkit and extended development environment for the Framework for Civil 3D.
The Jump Kit greatly reduces the time you spend constructing custom templates.

How to do that successfully is one reason why watching the Recorded Training is an important step to putting all the level of the Framework for Civil 3D  to work.