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Work in the example project dataset.
Do it every day. Do real things.

The fact is you are only going to learn to use AutoCAD Civil 3D by doing work.
That does NOT mean that only random play and trial and error works.

That's the hard way.
You must gain practice and experience because your BODY not just your mind must learn the software.
As a professional CAD Pilot, you probably KNOW AutoCAD and LDT.
You don't think about where things are and how to do it. You just get 'er done.
You body KNOWS the software and the PATTERNS in the software you use all the time.

We call this the "Human Autopilot"

We didn't make this up.
Its REAL and for all human beings in some ways its more powerful than gravity.
Do something a lot for a long time and your Patterns are very strong.

AutoCAD Civil 3D has different PATTERNS than LDT. Its like they rearranged the keyboard. This is both necessary and unavoidable.

You can't become more productive using old PATTERNS and old METHODS.

Understand that changing YOUR Patterns is your most important WORK.

Understand that changing YOUR Patterns is going to be uncomfortable, frustrating and maybe even painful at first.
Your Autopilot ALWAYS wants to use the OLD PATTERNS until you change to new ones.

Sign your name on a piece of paper with your normal hand.
Now do it with the other hand. Pay careful attention to how THAT makes you feel - weird , uncomfortable, and maybe even a bit of a "spaz".
The Human Autopilot is directly connected and hardwired to our emotions and even our internal sense of self worth.

But that autopilot will adapt and adapt quickly if you work at it.

We supply a lot of materials Video Training and more to help you Get the the Framework for Civil 3D.

This is not entertainment. Don't just watch. Actively participate as much as possible.

  • Don't ask "How do I do that?"
  • Ask "What is the PATTERN?"
  • Review the live or video recorded webinar with us
  • Do them more than once.