How do I see the supplied Styles and Sets?

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A complete project dataset is included with all products for exactly this purpose.

  • The install instructions cover exactly how to get the project dataset working.

The Example Corridors drawing supplied with all products is the quick way to visualize many common Styles

  • Civil 3D Style performs display representation work - what things look like.
  • Civil 3D Label Style performs the annotative work - how data is displayed in text.

Civil 3D Style requires model data, in the form of Civil 3D Features and often the Features may need specific properties as well.
For example:

  • In Civil 3D a Profile cannot exist without an Alignment.
    A Profile is always the child of a parent Alignment Feature.
  • A Profile View which displays one or more Profiles for one or more Alignments cannot exist without the other Features.
  • The Label Set applied to the Profile in the Profile View cannot be visualized and modified without  the View, the Profile, and the Alignment.

The project dataset includes both the model data, the data shortcuts, and example drawings in which you may visualize the Styles and Sets supplied in the products.

Keep This in Mind

What is not immediately obvious is that you cannot visualize a Vertical Curve Label Set designed for a specific form of vertical curve on a Profile without one anymore than you can apply and see a Superelevation label set or label on an Alignment in plan view if the alignment has no superelevation properties applied to it.