Install and Evaluate as a Project

We strongly recommend you initially configure any Framework product to run in a Project environment.

This allows you evaluate and perform basic customization and maintenance.


  • Its easier to keep straight the locations of the key resource files
  • Allows you to more easily employ the included project dataset and examples
  • Allows you to actively participate in the recorded video training without changing things around
  • From a maintenance standpoint this Project setup allows you to have a known place to start
  • It makes is easier to back-up and move around your customizations
  • You may find in the end it is easier to manage Civil 3D projects and templates this way
  • If you later move up to employing Autodesk Vault to manage your projects, this method is easy to move

Instructions on How to Set up the Framework to run as a Project are included in the zip file with every product download.

Written instructions to Share the Framework resouces on a network or local computer are available in the Resources>>Video Training>>Install Videos section. Login is required.