What is a Civil 3D Project Template?

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A Civil 3D Project Template is a basic structure that can be employed to store the project data of a Civil 3D projects. This structure can, and probably should, include default container drawings for many typical project data drawings.
By default the supplied Civil 3D Project Template includes a folder structure that includes a Data Shortcuts structure.

  • If Autodesk Vault is not employed then the Civil 3D Project Template structure and folder contents may be manually copied with Windows Explorer to any file based storage location to create a new project storage location.
    Remember to rename the root folder to a reasonable project name.
  • If Autodesk Vault is employed as the project storage method, then a Project Template will create the folder structure within the Vault database when a new project is created with the wizard.

The Civil 3D Project Template is included in the InstantOn desktop package download.

The Civil 3D Project Template that ships with the Framework employs a Uniform Drawing Standard (UDS) structure with typical model, reference, and other folders that support a logical way to support project workflows inside AutoCAD Civil 3D.