Do STB files work with eTransmit?

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Everything works just the same with etransmit.

The STB file is just a different reference file that C3D knows all about and includes just like a CTB file.

  • An added benefit with the Production Solution when you dumb down to AutoCAD, the Styles put things on the “right” layers and everything stays connected to the STB file.
  • A second added benefit to Production Solution is you probably won’t be shipping around so many fonts either. We use only NCS compliant Windows True Type fonts.

The ONLY difference between CTB and STB is that instead of color numbers you use NAMES that make sense to just about everyone.

  • In CTB color #1 – gets a .35mm lineweight, plots black, with no screening.
  • In STB (forget the color) “Medium” gets .35mm lineweight, plots black, with no screening.

Practically this just means if you don’t like the color something is on the screen you can change the layer or object color – but it will still plot correctly.


99% of the problem and confusion with CTB/STB is all in our heads.

In C3D with decent templates, you don’t have to worry about and maintain layers.

What if you almost never used the Layer Manager?