How does color plotting work using an STB file?

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Color STB doesn’t work differently except now you add color to the STB Names which means you have a bigger list like you do in typical CTB files.

Instead of just “Medium” you might have Medium Red…Medium Blue etc. But these don’t have to have ANYTHING to do with the Layer color!

With a Layer State file or two you can do some cool stuff.

Like use a GRADING CHECK layer state and a GRADING CHECK STB file to automatically screen all the non essential stuff to pale gray and pop the important labels and linework to RED….

”Mr Designer, Please markup the just the stuff that’s RED.”

The Framework for Civil 3D products ship with black and screened named plotstyles and a basic color STB file. It’s a better place to start.

Release 7 now includes built in support for CTB and STB to CTB conversions