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The AKN online Help Video Collection for Civil 3D 2021

You can change the release reference (2021) in the link above to see and play the videos for Civil 3D 2020-2018.

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What Videos to watch first?

Every video has a brief summary of the contents on the page

  • Framework Preview videos provide a quick peek into the Framework
  • If you are new customer, watch the Install videos - you must login.
  • The updated Overview Videos cover what is in the packages and how to use them
  • The Blog Videos are video blog posts on a variety of topics
    New videos are added frequently.
  • Civil Training on the Web lists selected video training from others with comments.
    These include important Autodesk product series of videos from published lists.
  • The Civil 3D Projects and Setup videos cover the ways to employ
    Data Shortcuts and Data References - How Projects work in Civil 3D
  • Civil 3D Setup Checklists videos cover the details and mechanics of Civil 3D Setup
  • Description Key Sets cover point display and customization
  • In-depth Civil 3D training course listings cover vital production topics.
    See the Plan Publication and the plan and profile Deliverables courses.

Does the video content for one release still apply?


Framework products run in multiple releases of Autodesk Civil 3D.

An Autodesk Civil 3D release may differ in some nuanced areas but the fundamentals and process mechanics that Civil 3D employs do not change much by design.

Recent or Select Videos

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 Civil 3D Setup Checklist

Civil 3D Setup Checklist

Recent Blog Posts | Blog Post

A video review of the mission critical and elementary core Civil 3D Setup issues, mechanics and Civil 3D interface tools.

Your Civil 3D install setup, AutoCAD Workspace, AutoCAD Profile, and use of planned Civil 3D Project Templates make a difference.


 Civil 3D Survey Setup Checklist

Civil 3D Survey Setup Checklist

Recent Blog Posts | Blog Post

A video review of the mission critical and elementary Civil 3D Survey Setup issues, mechanics and Civil 3D interface tools.

Your Survey Working Folder, Survey Settings, Survey Db Properties, and a planned Project structure for data make a difference.


 InstantOn Linetype Resources

The Linetype Resources in InstantOn

An overview of the NCS and other CAD Standards Linetype resources and tools provided with InstantOn and other Framework for Civil 3D products.

Release 8

Reviews Release 8 and Release 7 in Autodesk Civil 3D 2020-2018 for NCS 6.0 and NCS 5.0

A Linetype AddOn that includes new Linetype Standards Spreadsheet Tools is available.


Release 7-6

Reviews Release 7-6 in Autodesk Civil 3D 2020-2017 for NCS 4.0 and NCS 5.0

Updated linetype resources are supplied in the Release 7 InstantOn package download.

A Linetype AddOn is available for Release 6 and below. The update details are listed here.


Important Linetype Details

Example Linetype drawings are provided in the desktop package download.

NCS linetypes included employ civil units 0.1 height for text not 0.125 by default
Search and replace in the linetype file may easily change this.

Prototype linetypes for single, double, and triple character linetype are provided at the bottom of all supplied .LIN files.

Text-based Linetypes include references to Existing and Proposed textstyles. You will received linetype load errors if these two default textstyles are not present in the drawing or template.

InstantOn templates intentionally do not include linetype references which should be employed in publishing templates whenever possible. Search blog posts on "Linetype" for detailed explanations and customization help.

Alignment Group Label Styles

Both InstantOn and Jump Kit Style libraries include multiple Alignment Labels Styles that can completely replace many traditional linetypes with either or both text and symbols.