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Civil 3D Survey at Jump Speed

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Articles and Videos about the
Civil 3D Survey Deliverables Process

Get to Jump Speed in Civil 3D Survey

A set of useful videos and documentation. Many videos include links to Blog posts.
Content may improve without notice.

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Civil 3D Setup Checklist

  • Every time you start Civil 3D remember these essentials. An updated video

Civil 3D Survey Setup Checklist

  • Civil 3D Survey Setup essentials in an updated video

Civil 3D Survey Project Prototypes

  • The essentials of a Survey Project Template in Civil 3D

Understand NOT Keys and BESTWay Keys

  • NOT and BESTWay Description Keys purposes, usage, and methods explained in a video

Civil 3D Codes, Not Tools, and Tuples

  • How our Survey Codes, the concept of Not Keys, and Tuple thinking matters in Civil 3D Survey with videos

Civil 3D Description Key Set Simplicity

  • How to rethink and retool Description Key Sets for better Civil 3D performance and productivity

Survey Setups and Figures

  • How to preview and check all the Survey data before you start editing. A demo project. Video

Survey Query Basics

  • How to build Survey Queries. Video

Shared Resources in Civil 3D

  • Methods to store and share Survey Queries. Video

Survey Query Tool

  • Survey Query Tool. Documentation

Surfaces from Survey

  • How to build a QA Surface from Survey. Video

Multiple Civil 3D Description Key Sets

  • A new look and direction for our old friend the Description Key Set

The Civil 3D Points Sandtrap

  • Issues with UNDO and OOPS and Civil 3D Survey points. Video

Survey Figures and Edits

  • Civil 3D Survey points and basic Figure Edits. Video

Surface Compare in Civil 3D

  • How to Compare Surfaces in Civil 3D with Differential Surfaces and Style Tools Video
    See the blog post link on the video page for more written details and help.

Surfaces from Survey in Detail

  • Civil 3D Surface Construction from Survey Data. Details of Surface mechanics. Video

Civil 3D Point Wizardry

  • Practical production improvement for Site Plan and Plan and Profile Deliverables with Civil 3D

Deliverables for Roadways

  • The entire survey Deliverables course that include outlines, concepts, instructions, and Videos.

Site Plan Production

  • The entire survey site plan production course that include outlines, concepts, instructions, and Videos.
    The Export process should be done differently in 2016. (see below)

Point Symbol Export

  • How to export Civil 3D point symbols to AutoCAD and DGN. Video.

Civil 3D Figure Export

  • How to export Civil 3D figures to AutoCAD and DGN. Video.

Civil 3D Sorted Point Label Export

  • Point Label Export and Methods to Sort Exported Point Labels. Video.

Civil 3D Project Publication with DWF

  • How to easily get Better Quality Control, Better Performance, and Better Publish Results

Other Resources

Grid to Ground

Legends, Lists, and Tables