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 Civil 3D 2024 Subassembly Management

Civil 3D 2024 Subassembly Management



Autodesk's Jeff Bartels delivers a review and demo the of the improved Subassembly by .PKT file management in Civil 3D 2024.
See the Jeff Bartels YouTube Channel.
and the Civil Immersion blog.


Jeff covers all the important details of the much improved PKT Subassembly management tools. He covers how to fix broken references too.

If you employ custom subassembly .PKT files, this new reference capability for them is a significant production plus and great reason to employ Civil 3D 2024.


 ReCap Pro 2024 Feature Extraction

ReCap Pro 2024 Feature Extraction



Autodesk's John Sayre delivers a how to walkthrough the new browser-based linear feature extraction tools and workflows in ReCap Pro 2024.
The newer ReCap Pro tools introduce quicker ways to lighter Civil 3D Surfaces in 2024 without performing the work in Infraworks.
From the Autodesk Infrastructure YouTube Channel


 Civil 3D Corridor Frequencies

Civil 3D Corridor Frequencies



Jeewana Meegahage shows and explains the details of Civil 3D Corridor Frequency methods and mechanics.
Of course this takes a bit, but the effort is worth the time to produce better Civil 3D Corridors faster.
Visit the JeewC3D YouTube page.


The video delivers a great walkthrough demo to help us better understand Corridor Frequencies.
The Excel trick to add multiple special Station Frequencies to a Region is covered near the end. Hoorah.
This trick also works from a line by line text file. A spreadsheet makes it easy if we need to calculate them.