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 Civil 3D 2020 and the Interop Connectors

Civil 3D 2020 and the Interop Connectors



MicroCAD's Samir Rezk delivers a walkthrough of the ArcGIS Connector, the BIM 360 Docs and BIM 360 Design Connector, and interop functionality for Civil 3D, Revit Structure, and Infraworks.
From the MicroCAD YouTube Channel.


This is a one-stop, big-picture, and end-to-end overview of the latest Autodesk AEC Collection 2020 products and the interoperability Connectors from a civil perspective.
Samir covers completely the basic steps and workflows for a host of the new Autodesk Connector and interop tools in a short time.


 Civil 3D Collaboration in BIM 360

Civil 3D Collaboration in BIM 360



Autodesk's Dave Simeone, John Sayre, and Ben Wardell deliver an overview of BIM 360 Design’s newest functionality, Collaboration for Civil 3D.
From the Autodesk Infrastructure Channel Playlists.


Recording playback starts 4:25 minutes in to avoid the usual Autodesk webinar start up goings on.
This is a basic Civil 3D in BIM 360 Design overview with the basic but important questions answered.
Currently, Civil 3D in BIM 360 Design does not support live edits of Civil 3D Survey data, but the drawing output results as XREFs and DREFs works fine.


 Swap Pipe Parts in Civil 3D 2020

Swap Pipe Parts in Civil 3D 2020



Brian J Hailey, PE walks through how to swap multiple Pipes in Civil 3D 2020 with the Analyze Gravity Network Tool.
From the C3DPlus YouTube Channel.


A helpful Civil 3D 2020 Pipe tip worth remembering that also includes what not to do.