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 Convert a Plant 3D Pipe Catalog to Civil 3D

Convert a Plant 3D Pipe Catalog to Civil 3D



Craig Batchelor, a Senior Application Expert for IMAGINiT, shows how to to leverage Plant 3D Catalogs to build pressure pipe content in Civil 3D. Visit the IMAGINiT YouTube page



The methodology and workflow to convert Plant 3D database catalog data over into a viable Civil 3D is worth knowing.
Craig does an HDPE Pressure Pipe one from a free Autodesk downloadable catalog in this example.

This may or may not be more inclusive than the HDPE PP catalog available with Civil 3D which depends on the age of your install.

Your more practical Civil 3D Parts List will be produced by thinning down after some testing as Craig demonstrates.

You might want to use headphones to hear this video clearly. It is a pretty quiet recording.
You do need an AEC Collection license and/or access to the Plant 3D Spec Editor that is employed in the process.


 Subassemby Composer Tutorials

Subassemby Composer Tutorials


You can employ the playlist icon in the video control to play any of the 10 available videos in this series.


A series of basic to advanced video training tutorials on the Civil 3D Subassembly Composer in a playlist.
Shawn Herring of ProSoft delivers a great set of tutorial videos on the SAC for Civil 3D.
From the ProSoft YouTube Channel


I always have to remind people that you should try employ the existing Civil 3D Point, Link, and Shape namespace in your PKT files as much as possible.
This simple discipline reduces the annoying requirement to add the unknown Point, Link, and Shape codes into any existing Code Set Styles.
Look for the file in ..\ProgramData\Autodesk\civil 3D version\enu folder of your Civil 3D install.
Editing the PKT files supplied with Civil 3D or that you get from others is worth the small amount of hassle to reduce the downstream production wasted time.


 How Parcel and Building Linework Codes Work

How Parcel and Building Linework Codes Work



Jeff Moris, a Senior Application Expert for IMAGINiT, walks through examples of how to employ Civil 3D Survey parcel and building coding techniques for Figure Linework.
Visit the IMAGINiT YouTube page


This Jeff's Linecode 103 or Linecoding Part 3 of a series.

The video explores the more topics from the Special Codes page of the Civil 3D help file.
Topics Covered:

  • Parcel creation from figures and the setup details
  • Point coding to create building and similiar closed planar Figures
  • Figure creation that includes RT and RECT codes

Like I said last time you can probably figure out why Jeff changes his default delimiter and default escape character in his Linework Code Set from the example results, but he really doesn't clarify why he wants to employ the space character differently.
I'm not sure I like his default delimiter alternative for other Civil 3D Survey string interpreter reasons, but to each his own.

Just so you know Jeff applies different Linework Code Sets as a demostration technique. Do not do this is working projects. It is impossible to track.
Jeff implies and employs a method that includes the immediate creation of Figures inside the output drawing in this series. The Survey Db creation and drawing creation are separate events that we can manage to our advantage.
For example you may only want parcel related figures in one output drawing and not in another. You can do this to a template that resolves the site and parcel style results much better and automatically.

Linecode Video Series

The Framework for Civil 3D includes 2000+ Codes, matched Description Keys, Figure Prefix Dbs, and all the above resources. This makes it a better place to start.