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 Review Corridor Tools in Civil 3D

Review Corridor Tools in Civil 3D



Carl Voth, a Senior Civil Technical Specialist at ATG, delivers a detailed review Corridor Tool essentials in Civil 3D 2022+.
From the ATG YouTube Channel.


Carl does a good job covering all the important Civil 3D Corridor Tools. There are lots of them. This video includes the Civil 3D 2022.2+ Targeting interface and the newer Civil 3D 2023.2 Transitions functionality.
The walkthrough employs stock Civil 3D subassemblies in a realistic and complex subdivision scenario with lots of Corridor Baselines and Regions.
He addresses significant Corridor management issues which is rare in a webinar recording these days.
Some of the CTC Corridor Tools are used.

Carl does not cover Corridor Templates and how we might employ them to speed the construction and maintenance of the Corridor beast.
Sadly, there are some minor video problems in the webinar recording but still worth a watch.


 Customize Frequently Used Commands

Customize Frequently Used Commands



Nate Philbrick covers some super simple but very useful tips and tricks about the AutoCAD Quick Access Toolbar customization in Civil 3D.
See the Autodesk Software with a Hack YouTube Channel


Sometimes we make the entire Civil 3D customization thing way too complicated. Here's a user-based approach to Civil 3D productivity improvement.


 Make Text Readable in Label Composer

Make Text Readable in Label Composer



Jason Porter delivers a short and sweet review of how to fix the displayed text in the Civil 3D Label Style Composer.
See the Jason Porter YouTube Channel


One of those annoying Civil 3D issues that is easy to fix and sadly also easy to forget.